PIPA Online 2012 – learn how to vote

Learn how to vote on your favorite artists for PIPA Online 2012.

Watch the tutorial video, or follow the step by step instructions, below:

Step by step to vote on PIPA Online 2012

1st step: Click on “Vote on PIPA Online”, option located on the site’s menu bar ( on the top of left site), to go to the list with the artists who are participating on the PIPA Online 2012 context;

2nd step: Click on the name of the artist who you want to vote for, the link will take you to the artist’s page;

3rd step: Click the “like” button on the vote box, next to a blue kite, on the right side of the page.

That’s all, you have already voted!

To vote on other artists you just have to repeat the step by step instructions above.
If you already know the name of the artist you want to vote for, simply go to his (her) profile page.

IMPORTANT: To vote you must have an account on Facebook. We use this social networking tool to ensure the security of the vote.

As we use the Facebook tool, it is not allowed for the same person/profile to “like” each artist more than once. Clicking again on the “like” button of same artist’s page (as also clicking on the same artist’s page on www.pipa.org.br) you will cancel the vote.

You can “like” (vote for) as many artists you want, but one at a time.

PIPA will not have access to your information at Facebook.

For more information about this category of the Prize, such as the calendar and the awards, visit PIPA Online 2012’s page.

PIPA respects the freedom of expression and warns that some images of works published on this site may be considered inappropriate for those under 18 years of age
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