PIPA Online 2012 | New artist takes the lead

PIPA Online 2012 voting is still going strong this Monday, and a new artist takes the lead in the voting.
Until last count held at 01:30 pm today, 4161 votes have been counted.

Four artists already have over 300 votes and are confirmed for the second round.
Other artists have until September 2nd to reach 300 votes and advance to the second round.

Check below the top ten: ( 08/20/2012 at 01:30pm)

The four artists already confirmed for the second round are:

Fábio Baroli – 508
Berna Reale – 478
Ayrson Heráclito – 452
Tinho (Walter Nomura) – 305

The other six most voted are:

Marta Neves – 274
GIA – Group of Ambience Interference – 230
Washington Silvera – 185
João Roberto Ripper – 171
Danielle Carcav – 163
Bruno Miguel -114

This year PIPA Online is going to happen in 2 rounds. The artists have until 2 September to reach 300 “likes” to move to the 2nd round.

Only the artists who have reached more than 300 votes will be qualified to participate on the 2nd round of the context. The vote start all over again on the 2nd round, which will happen from 9 to 23 September.

At the end of the voting the most voted artist will be the PIPA Online 2012 winner and will receive R$10,000. The second most voted will receive R$5,000.

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