PIPA Online 2012 | Four others close to the 2nd round

The vote in the first round of PIPA Online 2012 continues in full swing, and today, on the seventh day of voting, we reached over 7000 votes.
So far, there are six artists already confirmed for the second round of PIPA Online 2012, and other four artists with more than 200 votes, almost guaranteeing their places in the second round as well.

The six artists already confirmed in the second round are:

Fábio Baroli – 1080
João Roberto Ripper – 1076
Ayrson Heráclito – 533

Berna Reale – 493
Marta Neves – 346

Tinho (Walter Nomura) – 319

And with more then 200 votes, the four artists who are close to guaranteeing their places in the second round of PIPA Online 2012, are:

Washington Silvera – 288
GIA – Group of Ambience Interference – 270
Danielle Carcav – 256
Iara Freiberg – 205

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