PIPA Online 2012 | And the winner is…

This year PIPA Online happened in two rounds. Fifteen artist were qualified to move on after reaching more than 300 votes.

In the second round four of them got more than 1000 votes. Click for the complete scoreboard.
But the contest was tough between the last top two.

Berna Reale is the winner with 4,508 votes and Tinho (Walter Nomura) got the second place, with 3,672 votes.

Berna Reale is an artist from Pará, in Amazonia, who does strong performances who will receive the prize of R$10,000.

Tinho (Walter Nomura) who works with urban art / graffiti, is an artist from São Paulo and will receive R$5,000.

Watch the videos with the winners to know more about them.

Berna Reale

Tinho (Walter Nomura)

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