PIPA Online 2012 | First round results

PIPA Online 2012 1st round ended yesterday at midnight.
There were over 11 thousand votes distributed among the 86 participants.
15 artists have achieved the 300 votes and have moved forward to the second round.

The voting will be reset, and a new round begins next Sunday, September 9th, only with the participation of the 15 artists most voted in the 1st round.

On September 23rd, PIPA Online 2012 2nd round voting will end. The most voted artist will receive R$10 thousand, and the second most voted will receive R$ 5 thousand.
The result will be published here at the website on September 28th.

Read below the names of the artists qualified for the second round, and the number of votes each one of them have received in the first round:
( Attention: all the 15 artists start the second round with 0 votes)

Fábio Baroli – 1422
João Roberto Ripper – 1258
Ayrson Heráclito – 566
Berna Reale – 525
Bruno Dunley – 448
Paulo Nazareth – 441
Marta Neves – 384
Rogério Ghomes – 345
Tinho (Walter Nomura) – 342
Iara Freiberg – 337
Bruno Miguel – 324
Danielle Carcav – 322
Washington Silvera – 322
Sergio Allevato – 320
GIA – Group of Ambience Interference – 307

About PIPA Online | Numbers

PIPA Online category was created in 2010, throughout the first edition of the Award, after observing the diversity and quality of the nominees.
The aim is to promote al the nominees longer, reducing the period in which the focus of attention is directed only to the four finalists.

That year, 80 artists participated on PIPA Online, during 68 days. There were a total of 3,987 votes, and the winner was Ana Paula Oliveira with 517 votes.

In 2011, during the 62 days of PIPA Online voting, there were 9,389 votes, among 67 artists. Iuri Sarmento was the winner, with incredible 2,213 votes.

This year, all expectations were exceeded in the first round. In just 17 ​​days, 11,069 votes were counted, and we had the participation of 86 artists.

Changes to 2nd round

Due to problems, with Facebook, which occurred during the 1st round of the PIPA Online when some artists have their votes cancelled temporarily, the voting system for PIPA Online 2nd round will change.
The problem did not harmed any artist, but even though we are studying some changes for the voting on the 2nd round.
Soon we will announce how the voting will work.

PIPA Team thanks and congratulates all PIPA Online 2012 participating artists, especially the 15 artists qualified to the 2nd round.
See you there!

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