Daily Archives: March 1, 2013

“Critical Lounge Area”, by Marta Mestre

Marta Mestre, when invited to write a critical review about the PIPA 2012 finalists exhibition, went further. She created, from the already existent “interactive lounge area”, a project to activate the space with debates, questioning and activities alongside the visiting audience. “Criticism is also no longer this “outside” look at an “inside”, nor the combat of freedom against the institution. In fact, there is no longer the “wild criticism” of which Marguerite Duras spoke about. It was with this background that I found that Pipa Prize’s invitation to criticism and to the critics….” – Marta Mestre

“Pelas Bordas” [By the borders] and “Escala de Cinzas” [Grayscale]

The solo exhibitions are by PIPA nominees Carla Zaccagnini and João Loureiro (respectively). While Zaccagnini reinterprets “by the edges”, that is, with a view from the periphery, systems and rules that govern our observation, understanding and representation of the globe, Loureiro presents his production and marketing of ice cream in six shades of gray.

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