Meet the Nominating Committee 2013

The members of the Nominating Committee 2013 were invited by PIPA Board 2013. The members are renowned professionals, Brazilian or foreign, that work with contemporary art, such as artists, art critics, collectors, art dealers and curators.

Aiming to give a greater weight to each nomitation and increase the visibility and dissemination of the participating artists, this year each one of the members may only nominate three artists that they consider qualified to run for PIPA (instead of five, the standard number of indications since the beggining of PIPA, in 2010).

Also new, starting from this edition, the rule in which the nominating members who work as art dealers may not indicate artists represented by their galleries.

These are the main changes to the Prize Regulation, reviewed for the fourth edition of Investidor Profissional Art Prize – PIPA.

Below, the list with the names of the 25 members of the Nominating Committee 2013 (with their professional activities and places of origin specified):

Alexia Tala
(critic/ curator | Chile)

Artur Fidalgo
(gallerist | Southeast)

Catalina Lozano
(critic/ curator | Colombia)

Cristiana Tejo
(curator | Northeast)

Daniel Rangel
(curator | Southeast)

Eduardo Brandão
(gallerist | Southeast)

Felipe Scovino
(critic | Southeast)

Fernando Cocchiarale
(critic/ curator | Southeast)

Guilherme Bueno
(critic/ curator | Southeast)

Heitor Reis
(collector | Northeast)

Irene Small
(critic/ curator | USA)

Jesús Maria Carrillo
(critic/ curator | Spain)

Jose Ignacio Roca
(curator | Colombia)

Kaira Cabañas
(historian/critic | USA)

Ligia Canongia
(critic/ curator | Southeast)

Luiz Augusto Teixeira de Freitas
(collector | Portugal)

Marcio Fainziliber
(collector | Southeast)

Marcius Galan
(artist | Southeast)

Marisa Mokarzel
(critic/ curator | North)

Paulo Reis
(critic/ curator | South)

Paulo Vieira
(collector | Southeast)

Regina Melim
(critic/ curator | South)

Renata Azambuja
(critic/ curator | Midwest)

Sérgio Martins
(historian/ critic | Southeast)

Thereza Farkas
(curator | Southeast)

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