Opening | “Convite à viagem”

From March 15th until May 19th, Rumos Artes Visuais 2011-2013 [Paths Visual Arts] takes the exhibition “Convite à viagem” [Invitation to Travel] to Paço Imperial, at Rio de Janeiro. It is a general outlook on the current Brazilian artistic production. With general curatorship coordination by Agnaldo Farias, the program selected a hundred paintings, installations, videos and photographs from across the country to be exhibited.

Participating artists:
Adriano Costa, Allan de Lana, Berna Reale, Carla Evanovitch, Claudia Hersz, Carlos Contente, Cristiano Lenhardt, Dalton Paula, Daniel Murgel, Fábio Magalhães, Fábio Baroli, Fernando Ancil, Gabriela Mureb, GIA, Grupo P.S., Guilherme Dable, Guilherme Teixeira, Íris Helena, Isabel Ramil, Jimson Vilela, Luciana Paiva, Luiza Baldan, Luiz Roque, Marcos Brias, Maria Laet, Marilia Furman, Naia, Nara Amelia, Pablo Lobato, Pontogor, Rafael Pagatini, Raquel Versieux, Regina Parra, Rodrigo Torres, Rogério Severo, Thiago Honório, Thiago Martins de Melo, Ueliton Santana, VijaiPatchineelamm, Vinicius Guimarães and Virgilio Neto.

Amongst the participating artists are several PIPA nominees. To learn more about their careers and works, access their pages:

Adriano Costa
Berna Reale
Carlos Contente
Cristiano Lenhardt
Fábio Baroli
Luciana Paiva
Luiza Baldan
Maria Laet
Pablo Lobato
Regina Parra
Thiago Honório
Thiago Martins de Melo

Convite à Viagem – Rumos Artes Visuais 2011-2013
March 15th to May 19th

Paço Imperial Cultural Center
Praça XV de Novembro, 48
Centro, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

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