Opening | “Projeto Identidades” [Identities Project]

Projeto Identidades [Identities Project] opens on March 15th, Friday, 7pm.

The artists, none of them professional photographers, use photography to express, as a language, the results of their research and questioning in regards to the concept of Identity, such as memory&affection, history&rescue, culture&discourse, etc.

With artists:
Alex Flemming, Alex Topini, Alexandre Monteiro, André Sheik, Cabelo, Clarisse Tarran, Cristina Amiran, Felipe Barbosa, Geraldo Marcolini, Gisela Milman, Heleno Bernardi, Hilton Berredo, Juliana Kase, Julio Castro, Marcela Tiboni, Marcio Zardo, Marco Antonio Portela, Osvaldo Carvalho, Pedro Paulo Domingues and Zoè Gruni.

Curated by Osvaldo Carvalho

Felipe Barbosa, one of the participating artists, is a PIPA nominee. To learn more about his career and works and watch a video interview, access his page:

Felipe Barbosa

Projeto Identidades[Identities Project]
March 15th to April 27th

Ateliê da Imagem
Espaço Cultural
Av. Pasteur, 453 – Urca
CEP 22290-240 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
Telephone: (55 21) 2541-3314.

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