Opening | “Situações Narrativas”

“Situações Narrativas” opens on March 16th, at 4pm.

With artists:
Guilherme Dable, Luciana Paiva and Virgílio Neto.

The artists elaborate their poetic discourse through visual narratives and establish significant contacts between the body’s diffusion and dislocation.

Curated by Marcus Lontra.

Luciana Paiva is a PIPA 2011 nominee. To learn more about her career, watch a video interview and view images of her works, visit her page:

Luciana Paiva

“Situações Narrativas” [Narrative Situations]
March 16th – April 20th

Galeria Coleção de Arte
Praia do Flamengo, 278/ Térreo – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
telephone: (55 21) 2551 0641

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