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PIPA 2013 Nominees | Full list

Check out the full list of PIPA 2013 nominated artists.
The nominees are exclusively chosen by the members of the Nominating Committee.
We publish all the names but only the artists who accomplish all the requirements of PIPA Coordination within the terms fixed, are considered Participating Artists.

PIPA 2013 Nominated Artists

The announcement of the nominated artists of PIPA 2013 is happening since Monday and ends today, with the last bulletin at 7pm.
The 55 artists running for PIPA were chosen by the members of the Nominating Committee. This year, the Committee has 25 art experts. Each member nominated up to 3 artists, having in mind PIPA’s goal of rewarding artists with recent trajectory, with work already in evidence, consistent and promising.

PIPA artists in Ribeirão Preto

Saturday is the opening of a group show with Dora Longo Bahia, José Bechara, Marcelo Amorim, Marcelo Moscheta, Marcius Galan, Patrícia Osses, Regina Parra and Tatiana Blass, amongst other artists. The exhibition is oriented by three major themes: Baroque, Constructivism and Surrealism.

“Reforma e Reinvenção”

The exhibition (Reform and Reinvention) has the participation of Bahia’s new art generation and artists of the first moment of conceptual art:
Ana Verana, André Cadere, Arthur Scovino, Camila Sposati, Bené Fonteles, Brígida Baltar, Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros, Daniel Buren, Frederick Barthelme, Joseph Beuys, Lia Cunha, Oswaldo Goeld, Pedro Marighella and Robert Barry.

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