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Reopening: Genealogias do Contemporâneo

The Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art’s long term exhibition is curated by PIPA Board member Luiz Camillo Osorio.
The exhibition brings works from the museum’s collection and also from the main Brazilian art collector Gilberto Assis Chateaubriand.

Agenda | Summary of the week | April 26 to May 2nd

This week’s highlights are:
From the 25th to the 28th of April, Art Lima, the 1st international art fair of Lima, Perú, is happening, with participation of galleries Leme, Nara Roesler and Vermelho.

This weekend, there will be four closing shows. Project Identity, with Felipe Barbosa, in Rio de Janeiro; 30th São Paulo Biennial itinerant exhibition, with Eduardo Berliner and Lucia Laguna, in Ribeirão Preto; “Corpo Dócil”, by André Komatsu and “Nostalgia, sentimento de classe”, by Jonathas de Andrade in São Paulo.

Also in São Paulo, on Thursday, the opening of Felipe Cohen’s solo show “Lapso”.

Performance, body and politics

The project Performance, body and politics, in its fourth edition, has the goal to discuss the integration of artistic language of performance through contemporary art. Technology, video-art, webs and urban space, nets and other politics, power relations, performances and regional experiences are some of the themes being discussed. Amongst the participating artists are Gê Orthof, Luciana Paiva, OPAVIVARÁ! and Shima.

Lucia Koch at p.ar.c.

In urban cartography increasingly developed from political and economic interests, the concept of landscape is under contradictions about what it means to live in contemporary society. Lucia Koch creates places of estrangement.

Opening | Felipe Barbosa at EAV

The artist subverts the meanings of existent objects and their uses, always from everyday materials. For this exhibition, he approaches notions of movement and rest to reveal new abstractions.

Opening tomorrow | Debora Santiago

At the exhibition opening, there will also be the catalogue’s launch. The artist presents a series of drawings and watercolors and the videos ‘Baião’ (2008) and ‘Caderno Confete’ (2007-2008).

Closings at Galeria Vermelho

André Komatsu presents a series of works on which he employs a set of regulations taken from rational systems such as Mathematics, Architecture and Geometry with the goal of revealing the ambivalence of these systems and question their efficiency. Jonathas de Andrade reproduces the panel of a tropical modern house in real size, transforming the house’s tiles into fiber glass pieces with the same dimensions as the original

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