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May | MAM-Rio

This month, Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art presents seven exhibitions, three film screenings at the museum’s cinematheque and several events promoted by the Experimental Nucleus of Education and Art.

PIPA nominees in Ecuador

Carla Zaccagnini and Cinthia Marcelle are amongst the participants of the video exhibition “Sisyphus: Heroism of the absurd”. Sisyphus’ task, to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever, is fascinating at the light of contemporary life. In a society where it’s imperative to stand out and to meet goals – many times in alienating societies -, there is art that responds with subversion.

PIPA artists in Porto Alegre

Rodrigo Braga, Sandra Cinto and Tony Camargo are amongst the participating artists of the exhibition “Limites do Imaginário” [Limits of the Imaginary]. Tony Camargo is a guest artist and will be presenting his Videomódulos.

“Lugar Nenhum” [Nowhere]

Exhibition of paintings and photographs made by 8 Brazilian contemporary artists. Amongst them, PIPA nominees Luiza Baldan, Marina Rheingantz, Rodrigo Andrade and Sofia Borges.

“Ao Amor do Público”

In the show’s opening, OPAVIVARÁ! will parade around the streets of Rio de Janeiro’s Center. They will invite friends and artists to wear the costumes at the opening show. Throughout the exhibition, the outfits are available for the audience’s use.

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