New pages for first time nominees

PIPA’s  team has a lot of care doing the artists’ pages. We know that it is a place where people can research about Brazilian contemporary artists.
We are trying to have pages created for all nominees of 2013 as soon as possible. The most recent created pages were for the first time nominees: Letícia Ramos, Maíra Dietrich and Marco Antonio Portela.
We also do our best to keep the pages updated,  with the help of the artists, for the artists nominated in any of PIPA’s edition.

Some other artists, who were nominated for 2013, after their pages created asked to include some other information ( images, videos, subtitles and/or texts).

This week we made some changes on the following pages: Cadu , Fábio Morais, Fernanda Quinderé, Franz Manata & Saulo Laudares, Gisele Camargo and Marta Jourdan. Please click on their names to check what’s new.


Graduated in Architecture and in Cinema, the artist who was born in South of Brazil, and cureently lives in São Paulo, has her artistic investigation focus on the creation on photography apparatuses for the captation, reconstruction of the movement and presentation on video, installation and photography.

Visit the page of Letícia Ramos to learn more about the artist.


Born in Santa Catarina, South of Brazil, where she was gaduated in Visual Arts, she currently lives in São Paulo.
Her works focus on the intersections between writing and literature and visual arts, artist’s publications and printed art works.


Visit the page of Maíra Dietrich to learn more about the artist.


The artist from Rio de Janeiro, works as visual artist, independent curator and Art Teacher. He was the  idealizer of the project MAP (Mailing Art Museum) and MAPi (International Mailing Art Museum). He directed the Art Gallery Meninos de Luz at the community Pavão / Pavãozinho RJ for three years (2009-2012).


Visit the page of Marco Antonio Portela to learn more about the artist.

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