New video interviews | Chico Fernandes and Laercio Redondo

This week two new video interviews with the PIPA 2013 Participating Artists:

Laercio Redondo

Laercio Redondo was born in a small town in the southern Brazil, which the artist describes as a “lost world”place. Today he lives and works between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Stockholm, Sweden.
His artistic research engages extensively with collective memory and its erasure in society. His work is often based on the interpretation of specific events in relation to the city, architecture and historical representation.
Redondo is one of the four finalists for PIPA 2013, who will exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and run for R$120,000.

Watch the interview to learn more about the artist.

Visit Laercio Redondo‘s page to watch the interview the artist gave in 2012 for PIPA.

The other interview is with:

Chico Fernandes

Chico Fernandes lives in Rio de Janeiro and was nominated for PIPA in 2012 and 2013.

In this video, the artist answers to a question from Renata Azambuja (art critic and curator) and speaks of his need to produce, regardless of market demand.

In an excerpt – not previously disclosed – from the interview recorded in 2012, he talks about a work which he is still developing and which has taken him to jump ten times from a parachute.

Watch the video with Chico Fernandes.

To watch the complete video of 2012 go to the artist’s page.

Since the first year of the prize PIPA, in 2010, Matrioska Filmes produces video-interviews with the PIPA nominees.

Pointing out the importance of this production, MAM-Rio’s curator, Luiz Camillo Osorio, says:

When PIPA invited Matrioska film production to make these videos, its goal was to build a small database on Brazilian contemporary art. If the prize aims to recognize and distinguish, the building of a contemporary memory looked for an amplified analysis of the circuit. (…)

We are sure that the continuity of these records and their combination with the renewal of the artists’ pages – that has to be made in partnership with the artists and their respective galleries – will maximize the relevance of this database. A growing number of interested people, from researchers to collectors, have began using the PIPA website for the benefit of all. – extract from the text “Hunger for files”

All videos produced by Matrioska for PIPA can be find at the page Videos.

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