PIPA Online 2013 begins in 9 days

About PIPA Online 2013

On Sunday, July 28th, begins the first round of PIPA Online 2013.

PIPA Online is the category in which the public can participate choosing their favorite artists.
Unlike the other categories of the Prize – PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition – where only the four finalists may be awarded, in PIPA Online all nominees in 2013 were invited to compete. ( The participation is not mandatory.)

PIPA Online is decided in two rounds and will award the two most voted artists.
An artist must have at least 300 votes move on to the second round.
The count is reset to the beginning of the second round.

PIPA Online 2013 schedule:

28 July – 1st round starts
4 August – 1st round ends

11 August – 2nd round begins
18 August – 2nd round ends

The artist most voted in the second round will be acclaimed winner of PIPA Online 2013, and receive R$10,000.
The second most voted artist in the second round will receive R$5,000.

If only one artist receives more than 300 votes in the first round, he will be declared the winner and the second round will be cancelled.
If no artist receives more than 300 votes in the first round, there will be no winner.

Visit the pages of the artists ( by clicking on their names) to start selecting your favorite ones:

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