Daily Archives: August 5, 2013

New interview | Gisele Camargo

The artist talks about the importance of painting and what it represents for us, and says how the power of a painting can have such influence.
“I think art is a reflection about all this chaos, this amount of information, this interwinde world of things, which is different from a few decades ago”

Rommulo Conceição at Casa Triângulo

“Qualquer lugar” is the first solo exhibition by the artist Rommulo Conceição at Casa Triângulo. “The vibrant colors that grow out of the flat surfaces of the monochromatic drawings move into space with solidity, they become the objects themselves.” – Bruna Fetter.

PIPA Online 2013 | Result of the 1st round

The voting period for the first round of PIPA Online 2013 has just ended.
Seven artists received more than 300 votes (each) required to be qualified to move to the second round.
See who are going to run for the prizes of R$10,000 (winner) and R$5,000 (runner up) of this category.

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