PIPA Online 2013 2nd round | Last days to vote

This Sunday, August 18th is the last chance to vote on PIPA Online 2013 2nd round.
The most voted artist will receive R$10,000 and the second most voted R$5,000.
On 19 August we will announce, here at the website, the winners.

PIPA Online is the category in which all participating artists are invited to participate (but it is not mandatory) and 40 of them were running for the first round.
The main goal is to promote all PIPA artists and the Brazilian contemporary art through the internet.

Only the artists who got at least 300 votes on the first round could move to the second round.
Seven artists were qualified for the second round, and had their votes reset.

Check below who are the artists running for the second round of PIPA Online 2013 and the score so far:
( click on the name of the artist to open its respective page and vote)
* the votes shown below were checked on August 16th at 3:30pm

Marco Antonio Portela – 1144 votes
Shima – 1090 votes
Nino Cais – 1031 votes
Fernanda Quinderé – 570 votes
Camila Soato – 468 votes
Celina Portella – 317 votes
Grupo EmpreZa – 54 votes

How to vote on your favorite artist on PIPA Online 2013:

The vote on the PIPA Online happens here at PIPA website, but every vote is connected to a Facebook profile. We use this social media platform to ensure the safety of the vote.
It means that: to vote you must have an account on Facebook.

Facebook’s own system do not allowed that the same person(profile) vote on a particular artist more than once. However, you can vote for more than one artist.
So each person can vote for as many artists he(she) likes, but only once on each artist.

For more information on how to vote, watch the video tutorial explaining step-by-step:

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