PIPA Online 2013 | And the winner is …

Since 2012, PIPA Online prize happened in two rounds.
This year, with shorter rounds, the artists had just one week in each round ( with one week gap between the rounds) to receive the votes.

Seven artists were qualified to run the second round, while receiving more than the 300 votes required on the first stage.

From Sunday ( August 11th) to Sunday (August 18th), duration of the second round of PIPA Online 2013 were computed over 6,200 votes. 3 artists reached over 1,000 votes.

And the winner is…

Shima with over 1,930 votes received only on the second round. He will receive R$10,000.

Marco Antonio Portela is the runner up with over 1,450 votes. He will receive R$5,000.

Visit the pages of Marco Antonio Portela and Shima to learn more about the artists, and watch the interviews made with the artists exclusively for PIPA, by Matrioska Filmes.

Shima | exclusive video interview recorded in 2013.

Marco Antonio Portela | exclusive video interview recorded in 2013.

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