PIPA Online 2013 | Result of the 1st round

The 1st round of PIPA Online 2013 has just finished.
There were over 3,000 votes distributed among the 40 participants. Among them, seven artists got the 300 votes required to advance to the second round.

Now the voting is reset, and a new round begins on Sunday, August 11, with the participation of the 7 most voted artists, by the public on the internet in the 1st round.

On August 18th, PIPA Online 2013 2nd round voting will be closed. The most voted artist will receive R$ 10,000, and second most voted will receive R$ 5,000.
The result will be posted here on PIPA website, following the end of voting.

See who will participate in the 2nd round of PIPA Online in 2013, and how was the final score of first stage:
(remembering that all artists begin the second round with 0 votes)

Marco Antonio Portela – 431
Nino Cais – 397
Camila Soato – 372
Shima – 363
Fernanda Quinderé – 323
Celina Portella – 323
Grupo EmpreZa – 313

We from PIPA team congratulate all artists participants of PIPA Online 2013, in special the 7 artists who advanced to the second round.

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