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Marcius Galan | New video | Sunday, Sep.22

This Sunday will be launched the third interview in which Marcius Galan speaks of the experience of spending three months in London attending the artist residency program at Gasworks (which was part of the prize for winning the PIPA 2012).
Galan makes a balance of the period, in which besides participating in the residency, he also set up a major solo exhibition at White Cube, as a part of the project “Inside the White Cube,” which features artists who are not represented by the British gallery.
In this new video, Irene Bradbury, curator of the exhibition, also talks about the artist’s work and about the exhibition.
While the interview is not released, watch the first two videos in the series, in which Galan speaks direct from London.

Agenda | Summary of the week | September 20th to 26th

PIPA’s summary of the week presents news and events from the art world that are happening in Brazil and abroad.
Currently a number of Brazilian artists are exhibiting abroad. This is the case, for example, Marcius Galan, in London, UK; Jonathas de Andrade, is simultaneously participating in exhibitions in Nimes, France, New York, USA and Venice, Italy, and Cinthia Marcelle, shows currently in Linz, Austria and Venice, Italy. Other Brazilians have shows in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy and the United States. Check these and other events.

PIPA 2013 nominees | 5 new video-interviews

We published this week new interviews.
Some of them with artists nominated for the first time this year: Raquel Stolf, Vânia Mignone and the duo Tuttaméia.
The other new interviews are with Rodrigo Bivar and Tamar Guimarães. Guimarães as in her previous video opted to write her answers and thoughts, and send images, instead to record an interview through Skype.

Weekend at MAM-Rio | September 21st and 22nd

This weekend is the opening of the exhibition “Pulsar”, a solo exhibition of the artist Marcos Bonisson.
Visit the exhibition of PIPA 2013 Finalists – Berna Reale, Cadu, Camila Soato and Laercio Redondo, and choose your favorite artist.
Other temporary shows can be visited: the solos by Ione Saldanha and Leda Catunda and the group show “Mundos Cruzados”.

Updates in some artists’ pages

All PIPA nominees, of any edition, have a page here on the website.
This space is intended to promote the work of each artist, and to be filled with information about their careers, images and videos of work, in addition to exclusive interviews.
To keep this channel updated, the nominees can send materials to make these pages whenever they want.
It was what Arjan Martins, Julio Leite and Tatiana Stropp recently made.
Visit these artists’ pages and check the updates.

“CAPACETE at Portikus” | Brazilian artists in Germany

(Frankfurt, Germany) The exhibition features a excerpt of the multiple voices that were present in sixteen years of activities. Expanding the involvement of CAPACETE with the cultural production in Brazil, the exhibition at Portikus presents new works that reflect on this unique history while creating a multilayered comment on the current situation in Brazil. The project aims to “make a cannibalization” of Brazilian culture – drawing on aspects and clichés of “Anthropofagia” and “Tropicália”art movements, both deeply rooted in the discourse of Brazilian culture and therefore raises questions about the paradoxical aspects of the economic, the political and status quo of the country.

Curitiba International Biennial

( Curitiba, PR, Brazil) In this edition, the Curitiba Biennial focuses on urban art and performance art. As artworks remain and themes/titles are forgotten, the choice of works were those who are likely to experience significant aesthetic to the city. Adriano Costa, Armando Queiroz, Dora Longo Bahia, Lourival Cuquinha, Marcone Moreira, Milton Marques, Regina Silveira and Tatiana Stropp are among the partipating artists.

“Mirante” [“Belvedere”] | 26 contemporary artists

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The exhibition curated by art critic and journalist Daniela Name, who took advantage of the characteristics of the gallery where the exhibition takes place – a house, in a residential area, with a pergola which looks at the landscape of Barra – to think about the project. The space guided the curatorial project, where the visitor is able to see works of different media – painting, drawing, sculpture, video and site-specific works – that relate to the architecture and the idea of ​​landscape, both natural affective, coming of relationships, dating and memory. Among the invited artists are Camila Soato, Erica Ferrari, Ivan Grilo, Patrizia D’Angello and Pedro Varela.

“Corte Seco”, by Alberto Bitar | Last days to visit and book launch

(Belém,PA) The artist presents the series that was born of experience of monitoring for more than a year of reporting police behind scenes of murder. Winner of Marc Ferrez Prize 2012, “Corte Seco” is composed by images of crimes that occurred on the nights of the city, and capture the atmosphere left moments after the shooting or other weapon that leads another dead body on the dirt floor.
Saturday, happens also the book launch, which has the same name of the exhibition.

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