Daily Archives: September 23, 2013

“Turvações Estratigráficas” (Stratigraphic Turbidities) | Yuri Firmeza

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Yuri Firmeza appropriates the archaeological remains found during the renovation of the D. João VI Chateau and of the Mariano Procópio Bus Terminal for the installation of MAR, as well as debris coming from removals made at Morro da Providência, located in the Rio de Janeiro port area. As a result, Yuri becomes a legatee of a dense, unruly matter, whose opacity forces us to ask: what existences, entirely buried there, continue clamoring for a voice and for room in such debris in disarray? What are the forms of life still in revulsion, whose echoes the forcible silencing of urban progress cannot avoid? How do we let live what lies in unrest right under our feet?

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