PIPA 2013 nominees | 5 new video-interviews

We published this week new interviews.
Some of them with artists nominated for the first time this year: Raquel Stolf, Vânia Mignone and the duo Tuttaméia.
The other new interviews are with Rodrigo Bivar and Tamar Guimarães. Guimarães as in her previous video opted to write her answers and thoughts, and send images, instead to record an interview through Skype.
Check below the new videos:

Raquel Stolf was nominated to PIPA for the first time this year. The artist investigates the relations between concepts of silence, writing processes and listening situations in the production of propositions and sonorous publications that can be applied in installations, actions, interventions, videos, films, photographs, texts and drawings.

In this video, she talks about some of her work and says: “There is one thing that always happens in my work that is to think how the work begins”

Go to Raquel Stolf’s page to know more about the artist’s work and career.

Rodrigo Bivar is from Brasília, lives and works in São Paulo, and was nominated to PIPA in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

On this exclusive video, Bivar answers a question from the critic and curator Jesús Maria Carrillo: “Do you think of your audience when you crate your work?” The artist explains that his work talks about itself and its relation with the world and that, for now, is not necessary to imagine the audience’s reaction. He also talks about his work with painting, known to the audience, and his work with photography, never exhibited.

Watch the interview with Rodrigo Bivar:

Go to Rodrigo Bivar’s page to know more about the artist’s work and career.

Tuttaméia is a duo created in 2009 by Fernando Aquino and Márcio H Mota that investigates issues such as optics, geometry and war.

In this video, both artists talk about the difficulty of making art these days, and the different types of circulation, and acquisition of works of art nowadays.

Watch the interview with Tuttaméia to know more

Go to Tuttaméia’s page to know more about the artist’s work and career.

In the 1990s, Vânia Mignone became involved with painting and drawing, two artistic approaches intertwined in her work since then. The central focus of her painting is narrative, based on figures, words and objects balanced without hierarchy in the picture plane. The artist makes loose, bereft use, of her limited repertoire of characters, mundane artefacts and artifice.

On this video, she tells more about her influences and informations that are in her work and point out the importance of her own paintings in the world. “I use work as a way to connect myself to the world.”

Watch the interview with the artist:

Go to Vânia Mignone’s page to know more about the artist’s work and career.

Just as happened in 2010, this year the nominated artist Tamar Guimarães chose – in partnership with PIPA and Matrioska Filmes – a different format for her interview.

On this video, we don’t see the artist’s image, just her works, and she writes the answer to the question made by the curator Thereza Farkas.

Watch the interview with Tamar Guimarães:

Go to Tamar Guimarães’ page to know more about the artist’s work and career.

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Go to Tamar Guimarães’ page to know more about the artist’s work and career.

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