Updates in some artists’ pages

Artists’ pages updates:

All PIPA nominees, of any edition, have a page here on the website.
No matter if the artist was nominated in 2010, the first edition of PIPA, or is participating in the current edition: once participant, the artist will always have the right to this space.
This is because the main goal of the Award is to promote Brazilian contemporary art.

Thus, the artist’s page is a space that aims to promote their work, and to be filled with information about his(her) career, images and videos of work, in addition to interviews by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for the Prize – for which all participants are invited to participate.

To keep this channel updated, the nominees can send materials to update these pages whenever they want.
Arjan Martins , Julio Leite and Tatiana Stropp sent some updates recently.

Arjan Martins sent a series of new images of work, and have done updates on his resume.

Julio Leite added several images of recent work, and also early work to complete the series shown here on the site.

Tatiana Stropp is participating in Curitiba Biennial and had her work recently registered during the show. They can be seen now on her page here at the website.

PIPA respects the freedom of expression and warns that some images of works published on this site may be considered inappropriate for those under 18 years of age Copyright © Instituto PIPA