Daily Archives: October 3, 2013

Works around an expression

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Dogs without Feathers [prologue]” brings together visual artists from different generations around an expression created by João Cabral de Melo Neto. It is a show about those who, in Brazil, live on the verge of losing whatever it is that confers them humanity; it could, nevertheless, be about people who live elsewhere and also survive in equally precarious conditions.

“Encontro das Águas” | Sandra Cinto

(Seattle, USA) Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto, nominated for PIPA in 2010, presents an installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park. “Cinto’s Encontro das Águas (Encounter of Waters) includes an intricate wall drawing, whose ambitious proportions convey a mesmerizing view of an expansive waterscape. Through humble materials—including blue paint and a silver paint pen—Cinto works directly on the wall and transforms a single line, repeated at different angles and lengths, into a titanic image of water that expresses both renewal and risk.”, Marisa C. Sánchez, associate curator.

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