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Agenda | Summary of the week | Oct.04 – Oct.10

The exhibition “Films and Videos by Artists on Itaú Cultural Collection” happens in Curitiba and presents works by Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima, Sara Ramo, Thiago Rocha Pitta and other artists. In Belo Horizonte, the group show “Ainda: o livro como performance” gathers almost 50 artists’ books. Among the artists is Fabio Morais. Rio Museum of Art presents solo shows by Berna Reale and Yuri Firmeza. See the full agenda of PIPA Artists’ events in Brazil and abroad.

October | MAM-Rio

Check out Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art’s programming for October. There is one opening during the month and new events promoted by the museum’s Cinematheque. Also, a special event will occur this weekend.

Sandra Cinto at The Bluecoat and The Seattle Art Museum

(Liverpool, UK and Seattle, USA) Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto participates in the show “3 am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night”. In this exhibition, curated by Angela Kingston, over 20 UK and international artists explore various themes related to 3 a.m. – psychological, sociological, natural and astronomical – to capture something of the strangeness of the night and the extraordinary range of emotions, states and experiences it witnesses. Also, an installation by the artist can be seen in Seattle.

Cinthia Marcelle participates in Group Show and Film Festival

(Mexico City, Mexico and New York, USA) The Brazilian artist Cinthia Marcelle participates in the exhibition “El ojo en el tiempo: obras de la Colección Adrastus”. The works in this show were selected because they share a conceptual, iconographic and symbolic relationship with the present-day and the idea of time. “Automóvel”, a film by the artist, will be exhibited this weekend in New York.

Komatsu at 30th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts

(Ljubljana, Slovenia) The works included in the Biennial echo and comment on the conditions of the world in which we live: how we receive our information, how we interact – or attempt to – with each other, how we (mis)perceive our world. Clamouring, unfiltered data bombards us. Masquerading commercial and political agendas vie for our attention alongside personal thoughts and images that are more than we can ever possibly absorb. Andre Komatsu is among the participating artists.

Last days | Biennale Cuvée 2013

(Linz, Austria) Austria “Biennale Cuvée” offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the unbounded vitality and the sensuous quality of contemporary art. The PIPA 2010 finalist and 2013 nominee Cinthia Marcelle presents three works at the Biennial.

“CAPACETE in Portikus” | New events

(Frankfurt, Germany) An exhibition organized by Helmut Batista, the founder of the research-based residency program CAPACETE Entretenimentos, based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The projects gather multiple voices from 16 years of CAPACETE and consist of a series of live events, performances, installations, and text contributions. CAPACETE Entretenimentos participates at the Frankfurt Book Fair where will be presented new publications by Arto Lindsay and Jonas Staal.

“Triangulações – Circuito das Artes 2013”

(Brasília, Brazil) With a selection of artists from different generations the exhibition seeks to identify themes, languages and techniques in common. The show gathers works from 49 artists, stimulating an exchange of perspectives. Alejandra Hernández Muñoz and Marília Panitz are responsible for the curatorship.

PIPA Artists at Galeria Vermelho

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Museu do Homem do Nordeste”, solo show by Jonathas de Andrade, features three of the artist most recent projects. The works are articulated as a collection in parallel to the Museu do Homem do Nordeste, located in the city of Recife [PE]. The solo “Gravações Perdidas” continues the research developed by Chiara Banfi about musical instruments and sounds.

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