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Agenda | Summary of the week | Oct.11 – Oct.17

The exhibition “Somos Libres” opens next Tuesday, October 15, in Lima, and gathers artworks from the Mario Testino collection. In Rio, two exhibitions can be seen until the end of this month: a solo show by Matheus Rocha Pitta, at Progetti Rio, and the group show “Mirante”, at MUV Gallery. Group show “Imagine Brazil” opens today in Oslo, Norway. See the full agenda of PIPA Artists’ events in Brazil and abroad.

Weekend at MAM-Rio | 12 – 13 October

This weekend the exhibitions are: “PIPA 2013″, “Pulsar” – Marcos Bonisson, “Acaso Controlado” – Daniel Feingold and “Mundos cruzados”, besides the two permanent ones: “Genealogias do Contemporâneo” and “MAM, sua história, seu patrimônio”. Also, the museum will present a new educational project in a series of encounters during October.

“Além da Biblioteca” | Frankfurt Book Fair

(Frankfurt, Germany) “Além da Biblioteca” is part of the Frankfurt Book Fair programming. The exhibition brings together a series of works that take the form of books, revealing two aspects of these objects: their shape and their function. The works shown here explore the spatiality of books, both mundane and mysterious, with the naturalness of someone who belongs to the universe created by these objects. Some PIPA artists participate in this show.

“Arctic” | Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

(Humlebaek, Denmark) The exhibition explores a wonderful, fragile, frightening and powerful world. “Arctic” is a story about dreams, destiny, adventure and beauty. It is a tale of fear, fascination, desire, downfall, and survival in spite of everything. A quest for a location, real and imagined, that through the centuries has stirred up strong drives and emotions, fascinating and attracting artists, scientists, writers and adventurers alike.

Pedro Varela | Xippas Arte Contemporáneo

(Montevideo, Uruguay) The young artist Pedro Varela, nominated for PIPA in 2011, exhibits for the first time in Uruguay, presenting over 30 recent works. The solo show takes place at the gallery Xippas Arte Contemporáneo. Among the artworks are pen drawings and acrylic paintings, techniques that represent his work.

Opening | “Imagine Brazil”

(Olso, Norway) With the exhibition the curators wants to showcase a diverse picture of what is happening in Brazilian contemporary art. The show opens this Friday, October 11, and focuses on the emerging art scene. Among the participating artists are Jonathas de Andrade, Cinthia Marcelle, Paulo Nazareth, Adriano Costa, Deyson Gilbert, Gustavo Speridião, Marcellvs L., Rodrigo Matheus, Sofia Borges,Thiago Martins de Melo and Sara Ramo.

“Brasiliana” | Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

(Frankfurt, Germany) The exhibition presents installations from the early 1960s through to new artistic positions to demonstrate the specifically Brazilian element of this “art of experience”, in which the observer is directly involved as a participant. The public will be able to see works from Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Clark, Ernesto Neto, Cildo Meireles, Maria Nepomuceno and other artists.

“Pausa” | Sandra Cinto

(São Paulo, Brazil) Casa Triângulo presents a solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto. “To the point that the sense of sight manages to discern something, the walls of the room – painted in a color like worn paper – are all covered by thin horizontal and parallel lines. The resemblance to the staffs of a musical score is immediate, though they are oversized and lacking any notes. Denoting only silence and pause, their conspicuous presence nevertheless paradoxically evokes the fact that they are places where the inevitable flow of time is marked, by way of music.”, Moacir dos Anjos, curator.

“Fronteiras Incertas” | MAC USP

(São Paulo, Brazil) The selection of works provides the testimony of a period of intense debate, not only about the breakup of the borders between the territories of art and photography, but also about the incipient presence of the photographic image in museums and galleries in those years. The exhibition includes works incorporated in the 70’s and more recent acquisitions, dating from the last four years.

Opening | “Somos Libres”

(Lima, Peru) The exhibition opens October 15 at Asociación Mario Testino. “Somos Libres” —translated from Spanish, meaning “We Are Free”—includes works by established artists such as Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince and Paul McCarthy alongside works by lesser-known and emerging artists, as well as those from his native Peru. Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, who was part of the Nomination Committee of PIPA in 2010, is one of the selected artists for this group show.

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