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PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition 2013 Winner | Watch the announcement

Check who won PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition 2013.
The winner was elected among the PIPA 2013 finalists – Berna Reale, Cadu, Camila Soato and Laercio Redondo – by the audience who visited the exhibition at MAM-Rio and voted for their favorite artist.
The winner receives R$20,000 ( approximately US$10,000).
The four finalists are still competing for the main prize (PIPA), which winner will be announced on November 6th, and the exhibition can be visited until November 10th.

Meet 2013 Award Jury members

The Award Jury is responsible for choosing PIPA’s great winner. The 5 members of Award Jury 2013 will select the winner of PIPA 2013 among the 4 finalists – Berna Reale, Cadu, Camila Soato and Laercio Redondo. The winner will receive the main prize of R$100,000, including a residency program at Residency Unlimited, New York. The members are always art experts in Brazilian contemporary art. Meet the 2013 Award Jury.

Agenda | Summary of the week | Oct.25 – Oct.31

This Saturday, October 26th, is the last day to visit “Nau”, a solo exhibition by Matheus Rocha Pitta at Progetti Rio. In São Paulo, this is the last weekend to see the show “Now and Before: a resume of MAC USP’s Collection”. In Frankfurt, the exhibition “CAPACETE in Portikus” can be visited only until next Wednesday, October 30th. “Encontro das Águas”, an installation by Sandra Cinto, can be seen at the Seattle Art Museum. Museo De Arte Carrillo Gil, in Mexico City, presents “El ojo en el tiempo: obras de la Colección Adrastus”. See the full agenda of PIPA Artists’ events in Brazil and abroad.

Weekend at MAM-Rio | 26 – 27 October

This weekend the exhibitions at Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art are: “PIPA 2013″, “Pulsar” – Marcos Bonisson, “Acaso Controlado” – Daniel Feingold and “Mundos cruzados”, besides the two permanent ones: “Genealogias do Contemporâneo” and “MAM, sua história, seu patrimônio”. The solo exhibition “Confrontos” by Brazilian artist Frida Baranek opens next Thursday, October 29th, from 7pm to 10 pm. Also, the museum is presenting a new educational project in a series of encounters during October. The last encounter will occur next Wednesday, October 30th. Only this weekend the museum’s Cinematheque will present movies by French filmmaker Philippe Garrel . Check out the complete programming.

PIPA Artists at “artBO, International Art Fair of Bogota”

(Bogota, Colombia) Today, artBO, Bogota’s International Art Fair, is one of those platforms that not only achieves a commercial objective, but also, promotes the talent, creativity, exchange and appreciation of art in the national and international art scene. Consequently, with the support of the public and private sectors, artBO has consolidated itself as the major showcase for visual arts in Colombia and important one for Latin America. Among the participating artists are Chiara Banfi, Laercio Redondo, Eduardo Berliner, Reginaldo Pereira, Sandra Cinto, Tony Camargo, Vânia Mignone, Yuri Firmeza and others.

“Play” | Museu Bispo do Rosário Arte Contemporânea

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Museu Bispo do Rosário Arte Contemporânea, located at the old Colônia Juliano Moreira, presentes the group exhibition “Play” about children’s universe. The show is curated by Fernanda Pequeno and Marta Mestre and is composed of works by Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Anton Steenbock, Arlindo, Bete Esteves, Cildo Meireles, Daniel Murgel, Daniela Mattos, Felipe Barbosa, Fernando Diniz, Franklin Cassaro, Gilmar Ferreira, João Modé, José, Julia Debasse, Laercio Redondo, Lobão, Luiz Hermano, Marcos Cardoso, Maria Mattos, Maria Nepomuceno, Nelson Leiner, Patricia, Pedro Motta, Renato Bezerra de Melo, Roger Mello, Rosana Ricalde and Vitor. The exhibition relates infancy, game and fun with art, perceiving how these aspects are inherent to the act of creating and how artists keep this ability of marveling themselves and others with insights, arrangements and discoveries.

“XVII Unifor Plástica”

(Fortaleza, Brazil) The University of Fortaleza presents, at Espaço Cultural Unifor, the exhibition “XVII Unifor Plástica”. The show is composed of works by artists who were born or live in Ceará and others by artists from the northeast of Brazil. The exhibition provides an overview of the artistic production of the area. Participating artists: Leonilson, Sérvulo Esmeraldo, Rodrigo Frota, Estrigas, Nice Firmeza, Efrain Almeida, Luciano Figueiredo, Luís Hermano, Chico de Almeida, Zé Tarcísio, Eduardo Frota, José Guedes, Milena Travassos, Jared Domicio, Yuri Firmeza, Solon Ribeiro, Victor César, Waléria Américo, Herbert Rolim, Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Delson Uchôa, José Rufino, Marcelo Gandhi, Rodrigo Braga, Marepe, Jonathas de Andrade and Thiago Martins.

Opening | “Brutalidade Jardim”

(São Paulo, Brazil) Galeria Marilia Razuk presents the group show “Brutalidade Jardim”, under the theme of the formation process of Brazilian society starting from the importation of an European culture and its adaptation in the “new world”. Curated by Kiki Mazzuchelli, responsible for shows such as Mitologias por SP, in MAM, and The Séance is Geometry in Madoxx Gallery in London, Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin, at Sesc Pompeia, among others, this exhibition will present works from the artists Adriano Amaral, Alexandre Canonico, Ana Luiza Batista, Clara Ianni, Debora Bolsoni, Johanna Calle, José Bento, Laercio Redondo, Maria Laet, Marlon de Azambuja, Mauro Cerqueira, Raquel Garbelotti, Renata Bandeira and Rodrigo Matheus.

“Sentimo-nos cegos” | Ivan Grilo

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea Gallery presents “Sentimo-nos cegos” [Feeling blindness], solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Ivan Grilo. The show gathers 17 new works, including a site specific, all of them made especially for this occasion. Bernardo Mosqueira is responsible for the curatorship. The artworks in this exhibition are a consequence of “Neblina”, a research about Photography developed by the artist last year.

“Des/ligamento” | Tatiana Grinberg

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Next Sunday, October 27, will be presented at Museu do Açude, at 12h, the installation by Tatiana Grinberg named “Des/ligamento”[Detachment]. The work occupies one of the plateaus of the historical gardens of the museum’s park. It is made of grass, potting soil, galvanized steel wire rope, iron armband, leather bands, recycled felt and nylon wire. Tatiana Grinberg lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. The main question at her works is in the relationship between bodies and space. The works happens as fluxes, processes and experimentation.

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