Cadu is PIPA 2013 great winner

On November 6th, Cadu was announced as the great winner of PIPA 2013 main category.

He was selected among the 2013 finalists by the Award Jury.

The other finalists were Berna Reale, CaduCamila Soato and Laercio Redondo.
The 2013 Award Jury was composed by : Gilberto Chateaubriand (main Brazilian art collector), Luiz Camillo Osorio (curator of Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art and member of PIPA Board), Moacir dos Anjos (curator, member of PIPA Board, curator of 29th São Paulo Biennial and researcher with Fundação Joaquim Nabuco), Eungie Joo (director of art and cultural programs at Inhotim and former director and curator of education and public programs at the New Museum) and Carlos Vergara(one of the most important Brazilian artists).

The winner will receive R$100,000 of which a part will be given in cash and a part will be used to fund the winner’s participation in an international artist residency program, at Residency Unlimited, in New York, USA.

Watch the video of the announcement of PIPA 2013 winner:

The members of the Jury selected the winner during a meeting at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, based on the portfolio, the artworks showed at MAM-Rio’s exhibition, the artist’s trajectory and on the amount of the prize to be received and the relevancy of the international artist residency program for the development of the artist.

About the winner

Ph.D. in Visual Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, professor at the Pontifical Catholic University and the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Cadu is one of the few artists who was nominated for PIPA in all editions. The artist works with various languages ​​such as painting, sculpture, video and object. Participated in the São Paulo’s Biennial in 2012. For a year developed a work in which he was isolated in a hut, tiny, built by him, with scarce electricity. The project was part of the doctoral thesis of Cadu. The artist thinks that he is more than “a producer of objects, he is a producer of meanings, meanings of postures in the world.”
In the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro, Cadu built a small log cabin and lived in it alone for a year. With scarce resources and devoid of urban comforts, wished to push the boundaries between art and life of territories where his life became limit. The project has integrated his Doctoral study and participated in the 30th São Paulo Biennial, titled “The imminence of poetic” seemed to sum ​​up his intentions. In MAM, the “frame” in full size of his small home will be suspended under the beams of the museum. A temple that never touched the ground and more incorporeal than ever, contain inside a publication with excerpts from his journal available to the public. About the work, Cadu comments: “I ​​heard Virgulino Ferreira da Silva – Lampião* , while having his house burnt uttered: ‘My home is my hat.’ Today my cabin is my hat. All out-of-law of thought, who does not play the game more of others, opens a fold beauty in what is violent. ”

*Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, better known as Lampião (meaning “lantern” or “oil lamp”), was the most famous bandit leader of the Cangaço. Cangaço was a form of banditry endemic to the Brazilian Northeast in the 1920s and 1930s. Lampião’s exploits turned him into a ‘folk hero’, the Brazilian equivalent of Jesse James.

The winners of previous editions were:

2012 – Marcius Galan
2011 – Tatiana Blass
2010 – Renata Lucas

Sunday is the last chance to visit the exhibition of 2013 Finalists at MAM-Rio.

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