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(São Paulo, SP)
Gravura Brasileira no Acervo da Pinacoteca de São Paulo, shows engraving works of 105 artists such as Bracher, Fayga Ostrower, Ivan Serpa, Lasar Segall, Livio Abramo, Maria Bonomi, Oswaldo Goedi, among others.

The exhibition is a result of research being conducted in the Pinacoteca collection, which has over three thousand pictures and marks the beginning of systematic activities proposed by the Pinacoteca, focusing on the production of engraving in Brazil. The Gabinete de Gravura Guita and José Mindlin is a space dedicated to engraving. Housed on the third floor of the Estação Pinacoteca  consists of three rooms, with shows dedicated to the long term and the other two for temporary exhibitions with different curatorial clippings.

The exhibition includes relevant themes to the history of Brazilian art from the first decade of the 20th century to the first decade of the 21st century. In one set,  the Figuration and Expressionism, there are works of social causes, undertaken between 1920 and 1930 by artists such as Lasar Segall, Danubio Gonçalves, Poty Lazaroto, among others can be recognized. The New Realism and Pop Art is represented by artists exploring themes related to political repression in the 1960s. Rubens Gerchman, Antonio Dias, Antonio Henrique Amaral are some of these.

From the group of artists who have studied the Abstraction are present Fayga Ostrower, Edith Behring, Anna Bella Geiger, Farnesi de Andrade, Anna Letycia, Ibere Camargo, Maria Bonomi and Artur Piza. From the group of Geometrics and  Constructivists  there are works by Ivan Serpa, Irene Buarque, Rubem Valentim, and Mavignier. From the Contemporary production the audience can view  works by Maria Lucia Cattani, Elisa Bracher e Helio Fervenza, Marco Butti, Alex Cerveney, Sergio Finguerman, among others.

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