Opening | “U=RI” by Henrique César and Guilherme Peters

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Galeria Vermelho presents, from November 26 to December 20, two new exhibitions and one new installation: halls 1 and 2 house “U=RI”, by Henrique César and Guilherme Peters; “Arquitetura da Solidão” [The Architecture of Loneliness], by Nicolás Bacal, occupies hall 3 and in Vermelho’s front, the artist Felipe Salem presents the installation “Para onde os mosquitos vão quando chove” [Where mosquitoes go when it rains]. In the opening day, November 26, posters by artists Henrique César and Guilherme Peters, besides the book “Tijolo” [Brick] by João Loureiro, will be released in Tijuana.

Opened in 2007, Tijuana started as an initiative of Galeria Vermelho to create an exhibition space to show works, especially artist´s books, that didn’t fit smoothly into traditional exhibition spaces.

In 2009, Tijuana inaugurated it´s first Printed Art Fair, uniting publishers who are dedicated to artist´s books and special editions. Starting in 2010, Tijuana has been publishing its own editions through the Edições Tijuana.

Henrique César lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in Fine Arts at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and was nominated for PIPA in 2013. Henrique works with different mediums such as painting, video and object.

Guilherme Peters lives and works in Brazil and his performance creations are a cross between skateboard-culture and art. Peters graduated in Art from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP).

Felipe Salem lives and works in Brazil. He studied Film and Art.

Nicolás Bacal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lives and works. “Arquitetura da Solidão” [The Architecture of Loneliness] is his firt solo exhibition at Galeria Vermelho.

Exhibitions: “U=RI” by Henrique César and Guilherme Peters [Halls 1, 2]; “Para onde os mosquitos vão quando chove” [Where mosquitoes go when it rains] by Felipe Salem [Building’s Front]; “Arquitetura da Solidão” [The Architecture of Loneliness] by Nicolás Bacal [Hall 3]
Release: “Tijolo” by João Loureiro [Tijuana]
Opening: November 26, 8pm
From November 27 to December 20
Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm, Sat from 11am to 5pm
Galeria Vermelho – Rua Minas Gerais, 350 / 01244010 – São Paulo – SP – tel.: 11 3138 1520

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