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Happy Holidays and Happy 2014!

PIPA Team thanks to everyone who has participate in this fourth edition of the Prize. Friends, collaborators, partners, artists, our website’s visitors and the more than 123,000 followers on Facebook.
We congratulate the 2013 winners: Cadu (PIPA), Camila Soato (Popular Vote Exhibition), Shima ( 1st place PIPA Online) and Marco Antonio Portela (2nd place PIPA Online).
We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!

“The Bar Owner” | PIPA’s series of special videos will be back next Sunday

PIPA’s series of special videos is back. From December 2013 to March 2014, always on the 22 of each month, we will release exclusive videos with interesting stories related to art. The first video of this sequence, which will be released next Sunday, shows an interview with Diógenes Paixão, an art collector who owns approximately 60 works by Alfredo Volpi, all of them made specially for him, according to what he says. Owner of works by other important artists such as Raymundo Colares and Rubem Valentim, Diógenes was born in Carangola, Minas Gerais, but has been living in Rio de Janeiro for many years. Diógenes owns a bar in Santa Teresa neighborhood, where part of this conversation takes place.

MAM-Rio | Program

(Rio de Janeiro, RJ) The newest exhibitions in the Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art are: “Pintar a China Agora”, by Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau; “Expo 1: Rio”, organized in partnership with MOMA PS1; and solo show by Antonio Manuel. “Confrontos”, by artist Frida Baranek, is still on display. Besides that, the public can also see the long term exhibitions. On Sundays, the Educantion and Art team promotes the program “Eu, você e o MAM”, for the whole family, with visits and artistic activities. Check out the complete program.

“Permission To Be Global/Prácticas Globales”

(Miami, USA) The exhibition features contemporary works by artists from across Latin America. Incorporating sculpture, painting, photography, video, installation and performance art from 1960 to the present, the show explores what it means “to be global,” when free and equal cultural exchange is still limited by the power dynamics of globalization.

Ana Luiza Dias Batista and João Loureiro exhibit in France

(Paris, France) “Économie Domestique” is an exhibition by Ana Luiza Dias Batista and João Loureiro. Ana Luiza Dias Batista graduated in Fine Arts from the University of São Paulo. João Eduardo Loureiro has Masters degree in Visual Poetics by the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo – ECA/USP – and Major in Fine Arts by Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP.

“Trawl” | Anna Paola Protasio

(New York, USA) Brazilian artist Anna Paola Protasio recently entered the world of fine art after working as an architect for 20 years. Carrying over skills of precision and exactness, she produces constructive art through varying languages of installation and sculpture. She creates a world nourished by mythology, sensibility and poetry where concepts such as the unattainable, the eternal and the subtleties of human existence are recurring themes

“El ojo en el tiempo: obras de la Colección Adrastus”

(Mexico City, Mexico) “El ojo en el tiempo: obras de la Colección Adrastus” is a group show which gathers Paintings, sculpture, mix media, video and performances from Pierre Huyghe, Roman Ondák, Gabriel Sierra, Cinthia Marcelle, Ryan Gander, Quisqueya Henríquez, Jim Lambie, Danh Vo, Pawel Althamer, Monika Sosnowska, Rosa Barba, Gonzalo Lebrija and Tacita Dean and other artists.

“18º Festival de Arte Contemporânea Sesc Videobrasil”

(São Paulo, Brazil) The Festival presents almost three months of programme with exhibitions, debates, books, video library and instalations. One of the highlights is Panoramas do Sul [Southern Panoramas], competitive show with works by 94 artistas from 32 countries. With Ayrson Heráclito, Daniel Steegmann-Mangrané, João Loureiro, Lais Myrrha, Lenora de Barros, Marcellvs L., Pablo Lobato, Pedro Motta, Rafael Carneiro, Roberto Bellini, Roberto Winter, Rodrigo Bivar and others.

“The MASP Visual Arts Award 2013”

(São Paulo, Brazil) The exhibition features solo shows by the winners of the second edition of MASP Visual Arts Award: Regina Silveira in the category “Whole Oeuvre”; Odires Mlászho, selected “Artist of the Year Regina Silveira in the category “Whole Oeuvre”; Odires Mlászho, selected “Exhibition of the Year 2012-2013”; and Rodrigo Braga, as “Emerging Artist”.

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