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Schedule 1-7 March

The exhibition “Fronteiras Incertas” (Uncertain Borders), with participation of Marcelo Moscheta and Odires Mlászho is taking place in São Paulo. Daniel Murgel, Daniela Mattos, Felipe Barbosa, Laercio Redondo, Luiz Hermano, Maria Nepomuceno, Pedro Motta and Rosana Ricalde are showing their works at “Play” in Rio de Janeiro. In Columbus, USA, “Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil” continues in exhibition with works by Tatiana Blass and Jonathas de Andrade.
Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Schedule for MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) On display at MAM-Rio, are the shows from “Acervo MAM – Obras restauradas” (MAM Collection – Restored Works), an opportunity to see again important pieces of the instituition’s collection that were waiting to be restored for a long time; “4×3 – A arte do cartaz de cinema” (4×3 The art of movie posters) about the particular language of cinematographic posters; and permanent exhibitions “Genalogias do Contemporâneo” and “MAM: Sua história, seu patrimônio”. Visit MAM-Rio on the weekend, see the full Museum schedule.

The Armory Show

(New York, US) One of the most important events in Manhattan, The Armory show fair combines modern and contemporary art pieces by artists from various nationalities. Divided into five groups, this year’s exhibition invited galleries such as Baró and Nara Roesler.

Vancouver Biennale opening tomorrow

(Vancouver, Canada) Marcelo Moscheta and Mariana Manhães were invited by the Vancouver Biennale to present their work as resident artists for an exhibition with the theme Open Borders / Crossroads along with other 90 artists from around the world.

“Here. Now. Where?” with Raquel Stolf

(Marrakech, Morocco) In resonance with Henri Lefebvre’s “right to the city“ and the Biennial’s theme of “Where are we now?”, Saout Radio raises the question of the delocalization in the present moment through the experience of listening. The exhibition is curated by Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo.

PIPA artists in “A Imagem Adquirida”

(Goiânia, Brazil) The artworks in the exhibition were selected by Gilmar Camillo, museum’s curator, focusing on works that entered in the museum’s collection since 1999, some of them donated by artists, and others donated by institutions. Ding Musa, Elder Rocha, Gisela Motta e Leandro Lima, Marcelo Moscheta, Mariana Manhães, Milton Marques, Otavio Schipper and Yuri Firmeza are among the participating artists.

Marcelo Amorim’s solo exhibition

(São Paulo, Brazil) Curated by Paulo Gallina, Marcelo Amorim’s “Primeira Leitura” (First Reading) is a solo exhibition that displays acrylic and watercolour paintings on large scale paper, inspired by the artist’s findings from bookstores, bazaars and second hand shops. The intention is to deprive already made images of their original meaning and create new ones.

“Encontro de Mundos” with participation of Sergio Allevato

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Encontro de Mundos” proposes a gathering of different cultures, environments and traditions in a show that also pays homage to the benefactors of MAR. With curation of Paulo Herkenhoff, the exhibition brings together works by Aleijadinho, Ione Saldanha, Guignard, Mestre Valentim, Sergio Allevato among others.

Group show “Late Barbarians”

(London, UK) Focusing on the notion of corporeal memory, the group exhibition “Late Barbarians” explores how shifting social codes and cultural values have been embodied in canonical Western European art and architecture. The exhibition takes its title from an expression by German sociologist Norbert Elias, which suggests that our future descendants may eventually consider us to have lived during an extended medieval period, implying that we share far greater affinities with our Barbarian forefathers than we might like to think.

“Imagine Brazil” | Last days

(Olso, Norway) “Imagine Brazil” will showcase Brazilian contemporary art, with particular focus on the young, emerging art scene. This is the fourth exhibition in the series focusing on a country’s art scene. From Brazil’s rich and complex artistic landscape, the selected artists are proposing a new artistic language in order to develop important and urgent subject matter. Young artists who have dived into the multitude of possibilities offered by conceptually based works, including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video and music.

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