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Schedule 8-14 March

Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

MAM-Rio | Closing exhibitions

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) MAM-Rio is preparing, from the second week in March, a special programme with various events and exhibitions. Meanwhile, these are the last days to visit two exhibitions on view at the Museum: “Acervo MAM – Obras restauradas” (MAM Collection – Restored Works), an opportunity to see again important pieces of the instituition’s collection that were waiting to be restored for a long time and “4×3 – A arte do cartaz de cinema” (4×3 The art of movie posters) about the particular language of cinematographic posters.

Roesler Hotel #25 – “Devices for a(n) (im)possible world”

(São Paulo, Brazil) The artworks produced since the 1980s, with special attention to the year of 1989, is the basis of this exhibition. The selected pieces from contemporary artists such as Antonio Dias, Lais Myrrha and Marilá Dardot present art as a testament to its time while constantly following society.

Carla Zaccagnini’s solo exhibition in Berlin

(Berlin, Germany) The series comprises works produced between 2010 and 2013 which investigate the unstable balance between desire and frustration inherent in any attempt to communicate an experience verbally or visually. Zaccagnini’s interest was focused on the numerous images of explosions of the Soviet Cenotaph – moments when material loses its form.

Gisele Camargo’s book release

(Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil) Gisele Camargo chooses scenes from films by Werner Herzog or Andrei Tarkovsky that will inspire her pieces, paintings that when put together create diptych and triptych boards in installations that go beyond the corners of the walls they are supported by.

Last days | Milton Marques individual exhibition

(São Paulo, Brazil) The artist reuses dismantled pieces of old technological devices to create objects and installations of a new, sentimental meaning, completely disconnected of their original purpose. This is his second individual show, for which he has created a new series of pieces.

Last days | “Primeira leitura” by Marcelo Amorim

(São Paulo, Brazil) The exhibition, curated by Paulo Gallina, presents Marcelo Amorim’s pieces: acrylic and watercolor paintings on large dimension paper that take back to 1920s notebooks. The artist’s concept is not to make new images, but to create new meanings, distant from their past controlling role.

Last week | “140 caracteres”

(São Paulo, Brazil) The show explores the protests that happened in Brazil since June of 2013 and the political mobilization created from the social networks. The curatorship is shared by 20 students from the Curataorship Lab organized by the museum’s Education Team. Lenora de Barros, nominated for PIPA in 2010 and member of the Nominating Committee in 2012, participates in the show.

Last week | “Brazil: Art/Music”

(Warsaw, Poland) The exhibition deals with “dangerous liaisons” between the visual arts and music. Artistic crossovers and interdisciplinary approaches being characteristic for Brazilian artists, the exhibition at the Zachęta Project Room presents works that feature musical themes. On display are works that recall iconic figures of Brazilian music, such as Laercio Redondo’s installation devoted to Carmen Miranda.

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