Daily Archives: March 19, 2014

Opening exhibition with Ron Mueck in MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The hyperrealist Australian sculptor Ron Mueck opens this Wednesday the 19th his first show in Brazil, that includes a screening of a documentary by Gautier Deblonde titled “Still life: Ron Mueck at Work”. By revealing us the lonely artist in his work process, the film enhances even more the sensitivity and strength of Mueck’s sculptures and accentuates his particular impact

Famous artworks from the 20th century displayed in MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “To bring this collection to MAM is to share some of Sylvio Perlstein’s half-century of intimate familiarity with seminal works of art – that are rarely collected. It is the evolution, with the bold intervention of Leonel Kaz, of the initial conversation at Ipanema beach, where he said that he adored Rio de Janeiro and that he wished to show his collection here. There it is. More than a collection, what we see is the residue of day-to-day life.”, says curator Luis Camillo Osorio.

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