Daily Archives: March 20, 2014

Talk with Michael Asbury | at “Salão de Pinturas”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The show brings together paintings by 25 artists such as José Bechara, Rosana Ricalde and Vânia Mignone among others. The works go from abstract to figurative, from the constructive, geometric and informal, between large and small formats, which live side by side, holding a conversation among themselves. This Tuesday, March 25th, happens a talk with the art critic, curator and historian Michael Asbury at the exhibition.

“XVII Unifor Plástica” | Last Days

(Fortaleza, Brazil) The University of Fortaleza presents, at Espaço Cultural Unifor, the exhibition “XVII Unifor Plástica”. The show is composed of works by artists who were born or live in Ceará and others by artists from the northeast of Brazil. The exhibition provides an overview of the artistic production of the area. Participating artists: Leonilson, Sérvulo Esmeraldo, Rodrigo Frota, Estrigas, Nice Firmeza, Efrain Almeida, Luciano Figueiredo, Luís Hermano, Chico de Almeida, Zé Tarcísio, Eduardo Frota, José Guedes, Milena Travassos, Jared Domicio, Yuri Firmeza, Solon Ribeiro, Victor César, Waléria Américo, Herbert Rolim, Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Delson Uchôa, José Rufino, Marcelo Gandhi, Rodrigo Braga, Marepe, Jonathas de Andrade and Thiago Martins.

“A Sense of Place” | with Lucia Koch

(San Francisco, USA) “A Sense of Place” is an exploration of how photographs shape the perception of our environments. Together, the exhibited works shift in scale from room size installations to small, quiet photographs, transporting the viewer through a variety of locations, memories, and emotive experiences.

“Sudário” exhibition by Carlos Vergara

(Brasília, Brazil) Through poetic displacement and for over five decades of artistic life, Vergara accumulated experiences and intense research into work materials and techniques. A part of this commitment to experimentation, in which the artist creates appropriations of image transference to the body of work, the public will be able to know in this exhibition.

“Sein und Zeit” by Antonia Dias Leite screened in the Festival Videoformes 2014

(Clermont-Ferrand, France) The competition, thanks to its international dimension, offers an opportunity for the contemporary video art creation to show up. Originality in writings and artistic research must prevail over the quality of the technical tools used in the realisation of each work. 2012 PIPA Nominee Antonia Dias Leite screens “Sein und Zeit” (Being and Time), a shortfilme based on the idea of Eros and Thanatos, expressing the sexual act as a form of canibalism by presenting multiple body parts interlacing.

Qatar exhibition invites Pedro Varela

(Doha, Qatar) In an exhibition that intends to discuss the cultural exchange between Brazil and Qatar, contemporary artists Carolina Ponte and Pedro Varela will be displaying their artworks under the theme “Dusk to dawn… Threads of infinity”. Varela’s work is a mixture of materials and elements that have surreal results.

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