Exhibition “Abre Alas” extended

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

On 22nd February, Abre Alas presents its 10th edition and completes 10 years of existence.
At the end of the gallery’s first year, Marcio Botner, Laura Lima and Ernesto Neto realised they had a treasure in their hands: about 200 artist portfolios from around Brazil.
With this, the directors of A Gentil Carioca decided they would make use all this material in an exhibition which happens since 2005 – close to carnival.

The name “Abre Alas” refers to the car that opens the Samba schools parade. The project is a show born with the intention of opening space for young artists. Over time, the show started including artists from all over the world. There were 283 entries and 28 artist projects from various regions in Brazil and foreign countries.
A Gentil Carioca works as a window, and is happy to see the artists presented in the project go on to make part of a larger network.
More than thousand names participated in the project over the years. Among them are Maria Nepomuceno, Rodrigo Torres and Maria Laet.

Since 2010, curators are invited to make the pieces selection. This year’s selection committee included Armando Mattos (curator of Búzios Contemporary Art Biennale – BAB) and Marta Mestre (assistant curator at MAM – Rio).

Participating artists:

Beatriz Nogueira, Betelhem Makonnen, Bruno Osório, Carolina Cordeiro, Cauê Novaes, Coletivo Plástico Preto, Daniel Albuquerque, Deolinda Aguiar, Eduardo Montelli, Erika Romaniuk, Evandro Prado, Felipe Braga, Fernanda Taddei, Guilherme Callegari, Jeferson Andrade, Leandra Espírito Santo, Letícia Lampert, Louise Botkay, Noara Quintana, Peter Wüthrich, Raquel Uendi, Renan Marcondes, Sheila Ortega, Steffania Paola, Stephanie Gervais, Thiago Araújo, Victor Saverio and Yana Tamayo.


A GENTIL CARIOCA carries out the Camisa Educação (Education Project) project since 2005. For each new opening at the gallery, an artist is asked to create a project for a shirt with the word “educação” (education) written across. In this edition there will be the launch of the 53rd Camisa Educação by artist Rafael Adorjan.


In the Parede Gentil (Kind Wall) project, an artist is asked to create something special for an outside wall of the gallery, where it will stay for four months. For OPAVIVARÁ!’s CHUVAVERÃO, five showers were installed on the outside wall of the gallery, Frances Reynolds was invited to support the project. All this aimed at strengthening the importance of collectivism and making art collection something public, an educating opportunity. A good art collection legitimates its time and allows a group of people to take in that type of information.

There will be a special apperance by VIEMOS DO EGYTO opening the pyramids! Come in bathing suits! Glitter soap so you come out of the shower sparkling!

Opening 22nd February 2014 from 6 to 10pm
Exhibition from 25th February to 12th April 2014
Camisa-Educação n°53 by Rafael Adorjan.
Parede Gentil n°21 by OPAVIVARÁ! from 22nd February to 28th June 2014
Support Frances Reynolds

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