Last days | “Estudos, esboços e ensaios poéticos sobre arquitetura e territórios afins”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Architecture as art is the starting point of this exhibition at Carbono Galeria, in São Paulo. Since 4th February, the space welcomes the show “Estudos, esboços e ensaios poéticos sobre arquitetura e territórios afins” (Studies, sketches and essays about architecture and territories alike). With curation of Agnaldo Farias, the show birngs together works from artists such as Guto Lacaz and Regina Silveira and also from architects such as Joubert Lancha and Ruy Ohtake.

The idea for the exhibition came from the curator himself and the course of his academic research. Farias, who teaches at the Architecture and Urbanism School of Usp, investigates artists whose researches relate to architecture and architects whose works relate to art for years. “I invited architects whose pieces have a aesthetic, different concern, that do not result in ordinary solutions, and artists whose investigations cross the field of architecture, cities and objects”, explains Agnaldo Farias.

Each participant developed a piece with a creative, personal view about the topic, be that through particular impression or professional path. Following these guidelines, the curator selected the following participants: Angelo Bucci, Candida Höfer, Carla Caffé, Carlos Teixeira, Daniel Senise, Eduardo Coimbra, Genilson Soares, Guto Lacaz, Jimson Vilela, José Rufino, Joubert Lancha, Manoel Veiga, Márcia Xavier, Mario Figueiroa, Regina Silveira, Rommulo Conceição, Rosângela Dorázio and Ruy Ohtake.

About Rommulo Conceição (nominated for PIPA in 2010 and 2011):

Salvador, 1968 | Lives and works in Porto Alegre

The installations and objets designed by the artist, who also has a doctorate in geology, deconstruct the common notions of function and utility in architecture, and in the contents of public or domestic spaces. Winner of the Funarte Contemporary Art Award in 2012, Rommulo Conceição also participated in the sixth and eighth editons of the Mercosul Biennale. His work is present in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rio Grande do Sul Ado Malagoli, and in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rio Grande do Sul (MAC-RS), both in Porto Alegre; and in the Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo (MAC-USP).

About what Rommulo Conceição presents in the exhibition:

Chairs, stairs and grids. These elements of architecture and furniture are the basis for the series “Em caso de embate, ampare com o confronto” (In caso of shock, support with confrontation). The handmade drawings show brick walls and tiles with different geometric patterns. Compositions that take us to a modern visualty, so present in our imaginary. Although modern, they are current. With his drawings and layered compositions, the artist questions present modernism in architecture and the repetition of its language.

“Estudos, esboços e ensaios poéticos sobre arquitetura e territórios afins”
Exhibition from 5th February to 15th March
Carbono Galeria – Rua Joaquim Antunes, 59, Pinheiros – São Paulo
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm, Saturdays from 11am to 3pm.
Free admission
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