Last days | Stephen Dean’s individual exhibition

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Individual exhibition of French-American artist Stephen Dean at Casa Triângulo.

Honouring the latest abstract paintings by Picabia, Dean presents pieces that fill the gallery with dots and spots of saturated tones. Internationally known for his vibrant, large scale videos, Dean chose one of the key elements of painting: color and its transformation on a media in itself, which excedes his works in paper and his installations.

Entitled “Juggler”, 14 pieces are spread across the walls of the gallery’s ground floor. This series is made with dichroic glass disks – a material created by NASA for the spacial suits helmet displays – on top of a brown kraft paper or black aluminium paper. These geometric compositions, deceptively simple, sometimes look like masks from an archaic time, sometimes like minimalist expressions of a hidden reality. The almost rectangular works present the disks in groups of three and, like small windows that connect us with the world of colour, the glass changes accordingly to light and movement of the visitor. Already acquainted with characteristics of the material, Stephen Dean explores possibilities of this rare technic media juxtaposing the complex pieces of changing colour with an ordinary wrapping paper. Thanks to the contrast of these materials, the visitor’s attention is directly focused on the mirage of tones. The visitor’s eye is tied to a hypnotic artifact of unstable qualities in which only colour remains.

On the gallery’s first floor, the celebration of colour continues with the video “Olé”, parte of the series “Fever” (2009-2013). The artist, who always records scenes of strong ritualisitic load, combines images of bullfights in San Fermines. The thermal cameras used by the artist are the same ones used in medicine and by the military. With the increasing anxiety of pandemics and terrorism, the thermal cameras come to detect presence of body fever. In the era of globalisation, these cameras are also instruments of war, repression and vigilance, for they are tools to “make space borders back down” and add knowledge to “make the visible, invisible”. This same tool is what allows Stephen Dean to make art – and even abstract art. Under the thermal camera lens, these images lose their figurative quality and become red, yellow, green and blue moving smudges, pure artistic material.

In paper series as well as in the Olé video, Stephen Dean suggests an alterity of colours, rarely seen in their pure state.

STEPHEN DEAN was born in Paris, 1968.
He lives and works in Nova York.
Participant in The Beautiful Game exhibition in the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art – LACMA.
Commissioned by Rice University in Houston, Texas to create a permanent 9 metres sculpture, entitled Black Ladder, to be opened in June 2014.
Stephen Dean has had exhibitions in the US and abroad, including National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (2012); Musée du Quai Branly, Paris (2011), Museum Tinguely, Basileia (2010), The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2007); Henry Art Gallery, Seattle (2007); Miami Art Museum (2006); among many others. Dean also participated in the Moscow Biennial (2009), Santa Fe SITE Biennial (2006), 51st Venice Biennial, Istambul Biennial (2003) and Whitney Biennial (2002).
His work is present in many public collections such as Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut; Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris; Fundación La Caixa, Barcelona e Fundación Jumex, Mexico City.

Stephen Dean at Casa Triângulo
Until 15th March

Casa Triângulo
Rua Pais de Araújo, 77 – Itaim Bibi
CEP 04531-090
São Paulo
Phone no.: +55 11 3167-5621
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