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March schedule


Solo exhibition by Ron Mueck
20th March – 1st June 2014 | curated by Hervé Chandès and Grazia Quaroni

Ron Mueck inscribes himself in the sculpture tradition of representing the human figure, although his themes, materials and techniques make them an original author, innovative and contemporary. His sculptures stand out for the changes in scale and character realism, whose subtle gestures express situations filled with mystery and life.

“Sylvio: The Clash of ‘Worlds'”
25th March – 25th May 2014 | curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio and José Teixeira Coelho Neto

New exhibition of Sylvio Perlstein’s collection that gathers 150 pieces of reputed artists like Dali, Duchamp, Miró, Magritte, Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Kandinsky, Cartier-Bresson, Christo, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Tunga, Vik Muniz, Mapplethorpe, Warhol, among others.

“MAM Collection – Restored Works”
8th February – 13th April 2014

The exhibition gathers 13 pieces of the Museum’s collection prior to 1978, with national and international artists, recently restored with support by the Pró-Visual Arts 2012 competition.

“4×3 The Art of Movie Posters”
8th February – 13th April 2014 | curated by Hernani Heffner

Selection of Brazilian cinematographic posters made between the 1950s and 1980s, signed by graphic artists Jayme Cortez, Ziraldo and Benício. Gathered according to the depicted social type – the worker, the bohemian, the “hot one” and the icon -, the exhibition investigates a moment of transition and the country’s specific settling and of this art among us, highlighting the passage/coexistence from a urban-industrial society to a consumer society.

“Genealogias do Contemporâneo”
Collection Gilberto Chateaubriand
Permanent exhibition | curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio

Completely refurbished in April 2013, the exhibition is divided into:
Brazil sights and vertigos, Broken city, Hybrid bodies, Geometrical breathings and Diving into the collection: this edition presents a set of works by Arlindo Daibert.

“MAM: Sua história, seu patrimônio”
Permanent exhibition | curated by Elizabeth Catoia Varela

Show on our history and architecture, so the visitor understands what the Museum represents and holds.


Group visits

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Programme elaborated for receiving schools, consisting of guided tours to the exhibitions, practical activities of artistic awareness and creation. Focused for student groups, non-government organisations, special education groups and social inclusion groups.
Open to the public.

– Wednesdays and weekends 4pm, groups up to 20 people
Programme elaborated for spontaneous visiting groups, interested in guided tours through the Museum’s shows.
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14th and 15th March 2014 | curated by Gilberto Santeiro

Recently Brazilian cinema suffered two losses: the moviemaker Gilberto Loureiro and the actress-vedette Virgínia Lane. To remember them, the feature film “Noite” (Night) with be showed, based on Érico Veríssimo’s book, and “Anjo do lodo”, (Sludge angel), film produced by Cinédia, with Virgínia Lane as protagonist.

16th – 30th March 2014 | curated by Gilberto Santeiro

Haroldo Marinho Barbosa took the cinema course promoted by Cinemaeca in 1964; he directed short films during the late 1960s and early 1970, until taking up feature films, in 1972 with “Vida de artista” (Artist life). Apart from directing, he also was a movie critic for Jornal do Brasil and screenwriter. To pay him tribute, “Fulaninha” by David Neves, in which he wrote the screenplay, and some of his feature films such as “Demoninho de olhos pretos” will be shown.

20th – 30th March 2014 | curated by Gilberto Santeiro

Homage to one of the biggest Brazilian moviemakers, recently deceased. His first feature films were fictional, but the director would revolutionise the documentary genre, of which most of his career consisted. He was the production director of “5x favela”, wrote fiction screenplays for filmmakers like Leon HIrszman and Eduardo Escorel and created television documentaries for Globo Repórter. This retrospective brings films in which Coutinho was a screenwriter, his feature films and the classic “Cabra marcado para morrer”.


Thursday 13th
18h30Latin Session – Zombie Dark Room, os mortos vivos Santo contra los Zombies de Benito Alazraki. Mexico, 1962. With Santo, Armando Silvestre, Jaime Fernández. English subtitles. 85’.
Santo, the fighter superhero, combats an evil scientist that created a zombie race.

Friday 14th
18h30 Loureiro Noite de Gilberto Loureiro. Brazil, 1986. With Paulo César Peréio, Aldine Müller, Cristina Aché. 81’. DVD copy.
Comemorative session to Gilberto Loureiro, recently deceased. Based on Érico Veríssimo, it tells the story of a man wandering the streets of Porto Alegre in search of his identity.

Saturday 15th
16h Virgínia Lane Anjo do Lodo de Luiz de Barros. Brazil, 1951. With Virgínia Lane, Cláudio Nonelli, Manoel Vieira. Adapted from the novel Lucíola by José de Alencar, with Brazil’s greatest vedette as protagonist.
18h Coutinho A Falecida de Leon Hirszman. Brazil, 1965. With Fernanda Montenegro, Paulo Gracindo, Wanda Lacerda. 85’. Based on the homonymous play by Nelson Rodrigues, with Eduardo Coutinho as screenwriter.

Sunday 16th
16h Haroldo Ovelha negra, uma despedida de solteiro de Haroldo Marinho Barbosa. Brazil, 1974. With Joel Barcellos, Nelson Xavier, Márcia Rodrigues. 100’. DVD copy. Set on Petrópolis, in a time of free gamble, a young man is about to marry and decides to celebrate his bachelor party with a friend.
18h Coutinho Garota de Ipanema de Leon Hirszman. Brazil, 1967. With Márcia Rodrigues, Ariano Reys, Arduíno Colassanti. 99’. DVD copy. Inspired by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes’s song, shows the everyday life of a typical girl from Ipanema. Coutinho screenplays.

Thursday 20th
18h30 Coutinho Cabra marcado para morrer de Eduardo Coutinho. Brazil, 1984. 119’. Coutinho’s masterpiece, awarded in several national and international festivals. Narrates the story of a murdered peasant and his family.

Friday 21st
18h30 Haroldo Fulaninha de David Neves. Brazil, 1986. With Mariana de Moraes, Cláudio Marzo, Kátia D’Ângelo. 90’. A Nelson Rodrigues de Haroldo Marinho Barbosa. Brasil, 1978. 16’.
Moviemaker in his forties invents a platonic love for a teenager. Haroldo Marinho Barbosa screenplays. The shortfilm, directed by Harold, is a documentary about Nelson Rodrigues.

Saturday 22nd
18h Quintavant Begotten de E. Elias Merhige. USA, 1991. Live music by Victim

Sunday 23rd
16h Haroldo Baixo Gávea de Haroldo Marinho Barbosa. Brazil, 1986. With Lucélia Santos, Louise Cardoso, Carlos Gregório. 110’. DVD copy. Two young women from Rio, a theatre directress and an actress try to set up a play on Fernando Pessoa.
18h Coutinho Faustão de Eduardo Coutinho. Brazil, 1971. With Eliezer Gomes, Jorge Gomes, Anecy Rocha. 103’. Based on Shakespeare’s Falstaff and Henry the Fourth.

Thursday 27th
18h30 Preview O bacanal do diabo de Ivan Cardoso. Brazil, 2013. Com Wilson Grey, Jane Silk, Cláudia Ohana. 62’. Excerpts of previously screened films by Ivan Cardoso, using VHS, Super 8, 16mm, MiniDV, permeated by erotism and terror.

Friday 28th
18h30 Extra Sally, a filha do circo Sally of the Sawdust de D.W. Grifith. With W. C. Fields, Carol Dempster. 104’. Portuguese subtitles. DVD copy. Only comedy directed by Griffith. Girl who is adopted by a circus performer finds out she is the daughter of a judge.

Saturday 29th
16h Coutinho O fio da memória de Eduardo Coutinho. Brazil, 1991. 120’. DVD copy. Documentary about black culture in Brazil, using illiterate artist Gabriel Joaquim dos Santos’s story as the main plot. He built the Casa da Flor, in São Pedro d’Aldeia.
18h Haroldo Demoninho de olhos pretos de Haroldo Marinho Barbosa. Brazil, 2010. Com Nelson Freitas, Otavio Terceiro, Camilla Amado. 90’. DVD copy. Feature film by Haroldo Marinho Barbosa, based on Contos Fluminenses by Machado de Assis.

Sunday 30th
16h Haroldo Engraçadinha de Haroldo Marinho Barbosa. Brazil, 1981. With Lucélia Santos, José Lewgoy, Luiz Fernando Guimarães. 97’. DVD copy. Based on a novel by Nelson Rodrigues.
18h Coutinho ABC do amor de Eduardo Coutinho, Rodolfo Kuhn e Hélvio Soto. Brazil/Argentina/ Chile, 1967. With Vera Viana, Reginaldo Faria, Jofre Soares. 100’. Feature film in three episodes, in a co-production between Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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