Opening | Contemporary Brazilian and Japanese Art Exhibition

(São Caetano do Sul, Brazil)

The Fundação Pró-Memória opens this Saturday the show “ECLIPSE – I Mostra Internacional de Arte Contemporânea Brasil/Japão” (I International Show of Contemporary Art Brazil/Japan), featuring Ding Musa, Reginaldo Pereira e Sandra Cinto.

About the exhibition:
The São Caetano do Sul Pró-Memória Foundation, through the Pinacoteca Municipal, presents the exhibition ECLIPSE – I Mostra Internacional de Arte Contemporânea Brasil/Japão, that gathers pieces from about 30 contemporary artists, Brazilian, nikkeys and Japanese, and is part of the exchange project between Musashino Art University and the Ateliê Fidalga, supported by JBAC (Japan Brazil Art Center).

“In this show, Japanese artists bring us works that refer to the Eastern tradition in new proposals, materials, ideas and elaboration. Brazilian ones innovate and show they are inserted in this dissolution of boundaries between modernity ad contemporaneity. In the nikkei works there is perhaps the encounter, the assessment and comprehension of two universes they had studied and had contact with.”, says the coordinator of the Pinacoteca Municipal, Neusa Schilaro Scaléa.

Among the invited artists are Albano Afonso, Carla Chaim, Carlos Nunes, Ding Musa, Felipe Cama, Fernando Velásquez, Flávio Cerqueira, Laura Gorski, Luiz Telles, Margarida Holler, Reginaldo Pereira and Sandra Cinto, in the Brazilian group; Ayao Okamoto, Futoshi Yoshizawa, James Kudo e Silvio Tobias, Herman Tacasey, Nilson Sato and Roberto Okinaka in the nikkey group and the Japanese Aguri Uchida, Bunpei Kado, Hiromi Kado, Kentarou Hirano, Naoaki Yamamoto, Reiko Kinoshita, Shingo Tameso, Sho Tanaka, Takafumi Kjima, Takashi Kuribayashi, Yu Inagaki, Yuichiro Sato and Yuichiro Tanaka.

“ECLIPSE – I Mostra Internacional de Arte Contemporânea Brasil/Japão”, com Ding Musa, Reginaldo Pereira e Sandra Cinto
Opens 15th March at 11am.
From 17th March to 19th April
Visiting hours Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm.
(11) 4223-4780

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