“Só vim para dizer que estou indo” exhibition in Porto Alegre

(Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Dirnei Prates displays his works at the exhibition “Só vim para dizer que estou indo” (I only came to say I am going), for the third IEAVI award (Visual Arts State Institute) of Incentive to Visual Art Production, with Nelton Pellenz.

About the exhibition:
Through different strategies, in this exhibition artists Dirnei Prates and Nelton Pellenz, from the Cine Água collective, create a body of work essentially formed by photographies and films, that discuss their perceptions about frailty of situations and things, of their displacement and the impressions left through the passage of time. Dirnei Prates uses appropriate registers, 35mm film and VHS images, reorganised from a logic of affection and personal memories. Nelton Pellenz, in his films and photographies, rebuilds everyday life from random situations and inconstant register of his immediate surroudings. In collective works, everyday life is restated in a very peculiar way, embodying elements that slow down the viewer’s eye, in a direct invitation to pause, delicacy and contemplation, in times of virtual urgencies.

About the artist:
Works with photography and video using images taken from newspapers and old movies, as well as photos and images from my personal archives.
Major in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2003 and have taken courses and participated in workshops with several artists since then.
Participated in the “Cine Água” group in collaboration with artist Nelton Pellenz, carrying out exhibitions and working as a trustee of film shows since 2006.
Featured the solo shows ‘Paisagens Populares’ as part of the CCSP Photography Program, and “Fotografias Recentes’ at Photo Gallery Virgílio Callegari (RS), both in 2012, and ‘Ficções Apropriadas’ at Feevale Art Gallery (RS) in 2009.

“Só vim para dizer que estou indo”, by Dirnei Prates and Nelton Pellenz
20th March to 21st April
Galeria Augusto Meyer, Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana – 3rd floor
Rua dos Andradas, 736
Porto Alegre – RS
Phone no.: 51 3216 9913
Mondays from 2 to 9pm, Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 9pm.
Weekends from 12am to 7pm
Free admission

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