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Clipping | Financial Times list Brazilian artists names to watch

PIPA finalists and winners Renata Lucas, Marcius Galan, André Komatsu, Cinthia Marcelle and Jonathas de Andrade were named by the Financial Times magazine as the new generation of Brazilian artists who are going global, due to their increasing exposure and demand among collectors and galleries world wide.
The article shows that the PIPA’s goal to reward artists with recent trajectory, but already highlighted and with work promising and consistent, is being achieved.

Schedule 5 – 11 April

In Rio de Janeiro, the group show “Encontros carbônicos” is currently on view, while other exhibitions such as “Abre Alas” are on their last days. In São Paulo still on view is “What made us modern/Crisp images in humid environments”.
Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

This weekend at MAM-Rio

Still on view at the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro is the Ron Mueck exhibition, with sculptures that reproduce the human figure with the themes, materials and techniques that make him an original, innovative contemporary artist. Also showing at the Museum is “Sylvio: The Clash of ‘Worlds'”, a collection of 150 artworks of prestigious artists such as Dali, Duchamp, Miró, Magritte and many others. Close to ending are “MAM Collection – Restored Words” and “4×3 The Art of Movie Posters”, as visiting goes until the 13th April. Visitors can also enjoy two long-term exhibitions: “Genealogias do Contemporâneo” and “MAM: Sua história, seu patrimônio”.

SP Arte 2014 | Highlights of the 10th edition

(São Paulo, Brazil) The International Art Fair of São Paulo, in its tenth edition, contains over 130 exhibiting galleries from Brazil and abroad, presenting works of art of the modern and contemporary kind, of numerous prestigious artists. The event also has a dynamic schedule, including the curatorial lab, talks with the artists, the editorial cluster and projects “Solo” and “Showcase”, opportunities for national and international emerging galleries to increase their visibility and reveal works of their represented artists.

Photographic group exhibition “Poder provisório” on view

(São Paulo, Brazil) Curated by photographer Eder Chiodetto, “Poder provisório” [“Temporary power’] aims at discussing the instance of power in different social life spheres, through documental images and conceptual artworks, mostly of a political nature, which use photography as medium. In order to see the exhibition, visitors must walk through a portal and are invited to zigzag through the photographs, in a different architecture from that of the room’s original conception, “reforcing the idea of convulsion and entropy that emerges from the pieces and manifests itself in the exhibition space”, says the curator.

Group exhibition in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Casa Triângulo

(São Paulo, Brazil) Held at the same time as SP-Arte, the exhibition will be comprised of installations, site-specific pieces and recent and/or new works created by 25 artists from different generations, exploring various techniques, media and languages, and installed on one of Pivô’s floors. Participating artists include Camisa Sposati, Daniel Acosta, Eduardo Berliner, Reginaldo Pereira, Rommulo Vieira Conceição, Sandra Cinto, Tony Camargo, Vânia Mignone and Yuri Firmeza.

Group show about human rights through the senses

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) Featuring Alberto Bitar, Camila Sposati, Reginaldo Pereira and Waltércio Caldas, the exhibition that opened the Mercosul Human Rights Museum aims at building a curatorial platform of high artistic historic density, capable of reintroducing the human rights theme into the people’s imaginary through an image and document merge, so that it enables insights about the cultural idea of human rights on many levels.

Ernesto Neto in group show at Asociación Mario Testino

(Lima, Peru) “Somos Libres” —translated from Spanish, meaning “We Are Free”—includes works by established artists such as Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince and Paul McCarthy alongside works by lesser-known and emerging artists, as well as those from his native Peru. One of the main Brazilian contemporary artists, Ernesto Neto, is one of the selected artists for this group show.

PIPA artists in “Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil”

(Columbus, USA) Final days to see the exhibition “Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil” gathers works of 35 dynamic Brazilian artists whose practices and influences are as varied as the social, racial, and geographical composition of the country itself. The exhibition will include new and site-specific works, several of which you’ll encounter in unexpected places in and around the center. Tatiana Blass and Jonathas de Andrade are among the participating artists.

Last days | “Dusk to dawn… Threads of infinity”

(Doha, Qatar) Pedro Varela’s artworks combine modern and old landscape elements such as skyscrapers and castles to create unusual, surreal landscapes. Among his chosen medias are white paper and blue ballpoint pen, colour adhesive vinyl and fabrics in embroidery frames.

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