Daily Archives: April 10, 2014

Sergio Allevato participates in “Encontro de Mundos”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Aleijadinho, Guignard, Ione Saldanha e Sergio Allevato are some of the artists who will be presenting their pieces at the exhibition “Encontro de Mundos”, under curation of Paulo Herkenhoff, which aims at bringing different cultures, places and traditions together.

“Muito pelo ao contrário”, new series of paintings by Fabio Baroli

(Fortaleza, Brazil) In this series, Fabio Baroli portrays the “matuto” – the self-absorbed creature that lives in the margins of this voracious march that seals the relationships in great cities – sneaks through the subtlety path. It calmly savours all the austerity that time has given it and which is what made it know how to read between the lines. It comunicates through them. The joke in Baroli’s paintings are realistically subtle and for that reason we should look at it lightly, in all its details. A delightful contradiction that is immediately tuned with the exhibition’s humour.

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