Daily Archives: April 16, 2014

Opening today | “Wave”, by Renan Cepeda

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The PIPA 2012 nominee Renan Cepeda, considered one of the most famous Brazilian photographers, shows in this solo exhibition landscape photographs taken in Rio, his hometown. Using an infrared technique with a digital camera, the artist was able to develop haunting, dreamlike results that express his creativity through the manipulation of colours and hues.

Last days | “Só vim para dizer que estou indo”, by Dirnei Prates and Nelton Pellenz

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) These are the last days to visit exhibition “Só vim para dizer que estou indo” by Cine Água, a duo formed by the artists Dirnei Prates and Nelton Pellenz, selected for the 3º Prêmio IEAVi, a prize to encourage the production of visual arts. For this show they created a body of works mainly of photographs and videos, that discuss their perceptions about the ephemerality of situations and things, their displacements and the traces left by the passage of time.

Rio gallery welcomes solo exhibition by Malu Saddi

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “There is a chaotic situation, something always seems to be about to happen, nothing is determined as ready, it is not a centralised organisation. It is not a conclusive image, it is an instant: the image got here, but it is going somewhere, it is the magic of that which escapes us”, says Malu about the diptych “O primeiro evento de qualquer série” (The first event in every series), which can be seen in the show as well as an eight-drawing series, a photograph, an installation, a video and a sculpture.

Toz presents contrasting characters in solo exhibition

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Metamorfose” (metamorphosis) is divided into the three installations created by Toz occupy two rooms. In the first one, visitors will be taken to the nocturnal universe of Insônia. The second one is where metamorphosis begins – the passage of night to day, from the night entity Insônia to the Vendedor de Alegria, a joyful, colourful character. Curated by Isabel Portella.

Last days of collective exhibition “Aparição”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Collective show featuring Ana Paula Oliveira, Debora Bolsoni, João Loureiro, Matheus Rocha Pitta and Wagner Malta Tavares presents about 20 pieces, between object, video, performance, photography and intervention, that make up the artists’s recent productions, from 2006 to 2014. Most of these works will be presented for the first time in Rio and some were made specially for this show.

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