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New pages | Meet first time nominees: Santos, Pjota and Cunha

Diego de Santos, from Ceará, northeastern Brazil, is working on a project in which he researches the concept of home in truckers’ daily lives.
Paulo Nimer Pjota lives in São Paulo and his works bring a selection of images, colors, symbols and supports that dialogue with emerging sociocultural principles.
Rodrigo Cunha is a painter from Florianópolis, in Brazil’s south region. His works are oil on canvas showing compositions with human figures.
Visit these artists’ pages, created this week, to know more about them and see images of their works.

Schedule 26th April – 2nd May

In Rio, last days to visit “Como dobrar uma bandeira como desdobrar” by Marcius Galan. “Muito pelo ao contrário”, solo exhibition by Fabio Baroli, is on its last days in Fortaleza. In Uruguay, Sara Ramo’s solo exhibition “Punto ciego” is on view and in Ireland Carla Zaccagnini displays her works for the country’s biennial. See the schedule, read about events related to PIPA nominated artists, to MAM-Rio and others connected with the Prize, happening in Brazil and around the world, and plan your week.

This week at MAM-Rio

Visit the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and see four exhibitions: Ron Mueck’s – solo show by the Australian artist famous for his very large hyper-realistic sculptures of the human body; “Sylvio: Clash of ‘Worlds'” – the Brazilian/Belgium Sylvio Perlstein, presents for the first time in Brazil his vast collection of art from Dada to the present day and also don’t miss the permanent exhibitions: “Genealogias do Contemporâneo” and “MAM: Its history, its heritage”. Also participate on the Education and Art events and see the Cinemateque programme for this week. This Thursday, May 1st, despite of the holiday, MAM will be open as usual.

Solo exhibitions by Vânia Mignone and Henrique Oliveira at the MAC USP

(São Paulo, Brazil) MAC USP welcomes solo exhibitions “Cenários” [“Sceneries’] and “Transarquitetônica” [“Transarchitectural”] by Vânia Mignone and Henrique Oliveira, respectively. “Cenários” is not concerned with chronology of the 58 selected works, but emphasizes two important aspects of Vânia’s practice: the creation of a unique repertoire of themes and elements and the passage from small sized etching and collage to large scale paintings. For “Transarquitetônica” curator, Tadeu Chiarelli:”The exhibition recovers the narrative dimension seen in some (few) of the artist’s past works and, in a proportion that aims the epic, re-proposes a fusion between the most varied artistic medias.”

Last days | Vancouver Biennale

(Vancouver, Canada) Final week to see Marcelo Moscheta’s work, exhibited through the Vancouver Biennale under the theme Open Borders / Crossroads, as well talks and workshops.
Moscheta‘s work reflects the concept of the exhibition since it challenges boundaries of territory and physics through art.

Lucia Koch shows her photos in California

(San Francisco, USA) “A Sense of Place” is an exploration of how photographs shape the perception of our environments. Together, the exhibited works shift in scale from room size installations to small, quiet photographs, transporting the viewer through a variety of locations, memories, and emotive experiences.
Lucia Koch, Robert Adams, Paul Graham, Andreas Gursky, Asako Narahasi, Stephen Shore, Cinthya Soto, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jeff Wall are amongst the participating artists.

Patricia Osses in her first solo exhibition in Paris

(Paris, France) Revisiting a city without ever having seen it before.This is the idea behind the recent works that Patricia Osses presents at her first solo show in Paris. The ensemble of the works are the result of the time that the artist resided in Jorge Luis Borges’ Buenos Aires: in order to discover what kind of visuality could arise from literary spaces contained in his stories, as well as from the experience in the city itself.

Opening | “Mind the Gap” by Cristian Silva-Avária

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Silva-Avária works mostly with photography and video about urban residual elements that define time, space and places in several cities. The idea for this fortuitous encounter, the process of wandering, and image editing in series, collections and constellations is part of the artist’s research and creation processes, on the secondary effects of urban matter production in contemporaneity and the unstable, transitory sceneries that result from it. In his second solo show in Rio, the artist presents several images created in different formats and medias, such as video installations of two and three channels, light box photographs, diasec (acrylic glass print), c-prints (chromogenic colour print), etc.

Last days | “Giro” with Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima, Mariana Manhães and Sara Ramo

(Porto Alegre, Brazil) Group show “Giro” [“Spin’] is coming to an end, the first time the project “Videoresidência Território Expandido” is exhibited, a Galeria Mamue initiative. According to curator André Parente: “The interest on the matter of spin in performances, video, video-dance and video-installations led to the creation of a work entitled “Circuladô”, we have been developing an interest in the matter of spinning in performances, video, video-dance and video-installations. This interest led us to create a work called “Circuladô” which exists in different formats: video, video-installation and interactive installation. From a compilation of themes – repetition, rotation, circles, cycles – we are surprised by the recurrent “condition” of life, even the most secluded of our inner experience is contained by our breathing, our habits, our waiting and our mental mechanisms and loops. “

MAC meets the Artists | Rodolpho Parigi

(São Paulo, Brazil) MAC USP proposes new relationships between the Museum, contemporary art and artists from the city and the country, building a space for workshops and talks on Brazilian artistic production and working as a platform for an effective Museum action with the art community, field scholars and the general public. The talks will be held in Portuguese. Next Tuesday, the 29th, the meeting will be with artist Rodolpho Parigi.

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