Last days | “Cantantes Condutores” by Malu Saddi

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Malu Saddi displays, at the Artur Fidalgo gallery, the solo exhibition “Cantantes Condutores” (Singing Conductors).

About the show:*

The São Paulo-based artist opens her first solo exhibition in Rio and presents the series “Para que eu me Recorde dos Segredos do Equilíbrio” (So that I Remember the Secrets of Balance), with eight drawings, as well as a photograph, a sculpture, an installation, a video and the diptych “O primeiro evento de qualquer série” (The first event in every series).

“There is a chaotic situation, something always seems to be about to happen, nothing is determined as ready, it is not a centralised organisation. It is not a conclusive image, it is an instant: the image got here, but it is going somewhere, it is the magic of that which escapes us”, says Malu about the diptych.

“When I thought about the exhibition, I wanted to bring the universe of painting and drawing into the physical gallery space. The show is an invitation to walking inside the drawing”, she tells. In her poetics, Malu involves the visitor in a fantastic universe, balanced by thin lines.

“Balance is something that interests me and is a constant pursuit in my work. I stop many times to look at the drawing, because there is not a previous project, it self-projects, self-balances like a process of acknowledging the needs of the very drawing in the making. How is a huge sphere balanced by a line? There are possible fit relationships, unlikely encounters and a silent sonority that suggests this chain reaction”, says Malu on the drawing series.

*parts originally extracted from Malu Saddi’s interview for the website Art Hall.

About Malu Saddi:
Graduated from FAAP in 2001. Develops instalations projects and works from visual repertoire found in nature, reconfiguring it through a set of colored lines superimposed, videos, photos and sound works. Interested in the visceral charge of the human body, which coexists with organic forms in monumental drawings.

“Cantantes Condutores”, by Malu Saddi
From 9th to 30th April
Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 7pm
Saturdays through booking

Galeria Artur Fidalgo
Rua Siqueira Campos, 143, 2º andar, lojas 147-150
55 21 25496278

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