Lauching of children books “A Família Mobília” and “Superzeróis”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The artists Tatiana Blass e Marcelo Cipis release this Saturday the books “A Família Mobília” (The Furniture Family) and “Superzeróis” (Superzeros), respectively, through publishing house Cosac Naify, at Martins Fontes bookshop. There will also be a children workshop and autograph session with the authors.

About “Superzeróis”:
Marcelo Cipis invented a league of clumsy superheros. They were not nicknamed “Superzeros” by chance. In this interactive book, each card contains a character acting like a hero, but on the back we see they are not as invincible as they look… As well as reading the cards in their order, readers can fit them in any order, creating different stories – including tridimensional versions.

About “A Família Mobília”:
In her first book, artist Tatiana Blass imagined a very original family, made of furnitures of a house where nothing stays in place. Playing with furniture immobility, Tatiana also refers to the objects’ use: Telma TV always needs to be the centre of attention, Teodoro Carpet is always feeling down, Sergio Sofa spends the whole day napping… The colourful illustrations present patterns for each object, enhancing the messy aspect. The boom comes in an envelope with two little windows – the house of Furniture Family.

Launching of books “A Família Mobília” and “Superzeróis”, with children workshop and autograph session with authors Tatiana Blass and Marcelo Cipis
Saturday 12th April, from 11am

Livraria Martins Fontes
Av. Paulista, 509
São Paulo
55 11 21679900
Parking in Rua Manoel da Nóbrega, 95 and R. Manoel da Nóbrega, 88 (first hour cortesy)

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