“Pocket Landscape”, solo exhibition by Otavio Schipper in São Paulo gallery

(São Paulo, Brazil)

“Pocket Landscape”, a solo show by artist Otavio Schipper, is currently on view at Galeria Millan.

A landscape consisting basically of essential elements occupies the expository space in Galeria Millan during Otavio Schipper‘s solo show. Four simple line segments – tracks directly fixed on the floor and two electric poles connected to the city’s power grid – make up “Pocket Landscape”, the exhibition title which could very well be named, as the artist says, “a landscape without landscape”.

The simplicity in Schipper‘s installation reminds us of a coordinate system: the tracks and poles could represent the x and y axis on a graph, transfiguring the expository space into geometric space, an abstract, mathematical rationalization. Even the installation’s assembling, using symbolic elements from industrial revolutions, refers to the scientific development processes which western societies have gone through during modern age, a rupture that disenchanted the world, dominated by the process utilitarianist, teleological reason.

This “Pocket Landscape” brings a relationship between inside and outside: as well as occupying the gallery with instruments that should be outdoors, these equipments are actually functional and directly transmit an energy that flows among the other electricity poles on the street. If, on one hand, this transmitting situation brings in itself ideas such as flowing and communication, the installation preserves a melancholy dimension. For the artist, the artwork “evokes a city image that spreads itself and invades private spaces, an energy that is present anywhere in the universe, and the impossibility of isolation”. The demand of always being connected suffocates the subjectivity space amid the world’s noise.

“Pocket Landscape”, by Otavio Schipper
On view until 21st May
Visiting: Tues-Fri, 10am-7pm; Sat, 11am-6pm

Galeria Millan
Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1360
São Paulo, SP
+55 11 3031 60 07

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