Patricia Osses in her first solo exhibition in Paris

(Paris, France)

Patrícia Osses presents recent works in “L’autre ciel” (The other sky), her first solo exhibition in Paris, at La Maudite.

Revisiting a city without ever having seen it before.This is the idea behind the recent works that Patrícia Osses will present at her first solo show in Paris. The ensemble of the works are the result of the time that the artist resided in Jorge Luis Borges’ Buenos Aires: in order to discover what kind of visuality could arise from literary spaces contained in his stories, as well as from the experience in the city itself. Among the actual locations for new fictions: the old National Library of Argentina (now empty), a jam-packed and labyrinthine second hand bookstore (at its best Borgesian style), the city itself… and other stories, as the ones from Cortázar and Benjamin. The same reason that now brings Patrícia to France, this time looking for Marguerites Duras sites.

About the artist

Patrícia Osses lives in Sao Paulo since 1973. She graduated from the School of Communications and Arts – University of São Paulo, currently undertaking a PhD in Visual Poetics in the same institution under the guidance of Carlos Fajardo. She also has a background in architecture and music (cello). Her work deals with ideas about space and its relationship with the individual, through various means as installation, performance, photography and sound.

“L’autre ciel” by Patrícia Osses
From 19th April to 17th May
Visiting: Wednesdays to Saturdays, 2pm to 7pm

La Maudite
61 Rue Rébeval

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